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#31. So excited to back this project. Congrats on the progress.

Good luck with the launch

Just backed for a hub!
Onwards and upwards…

#38. Good luck!

#44, excited for you guys.

I’m in. Forgot to note my number. Think it was #48.
Steady sales. :+1:

I’m number #58

#59 :slight_smile:

Wish you every success :+1:

#60 here.

My email says #48. So either I’m looking at the wrong number, or @bobbles is trying to steal my stuff. :slight_smile:

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Damn. You rumbled me. :wink:
My guess was wrong then. Thinking about I’m sure it was between 1 and 60. Could be wrong though… :smiley:

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Number 42

45 if you want to be exact, but in the first 50 would be a good compromise.

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Is the number the one in the email that states

Contribution ID 31 Contribution Date May 9, 2021

as I see that dj13990 also has #31 :thinking:

Order #70 here, I ordered 2. I am a current HE owner who is excited. I guess my switchover from Smart Things to HE was so long ago I have forgotten the pain. So forth we go, onward and upward.


#46. Looking forward with anticipation.

I appear to be backer #65. Woot!

Who doesn’t love a good badge? Contribution ID: 10

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Oh for sure! This particular badge you can set as a title.