[smartly] how to extract tile html

‘can you pastebin me the html of that tile?’

If you are asked for the html of a tile, it’s usually to troubleshoot some issue with how it’s being viewed (in smartly, usually.) This allows someone (usually me) who’s helping to not need to install all of the drivers and tiles necessary to have the tile on their dashboard, instead they can just use your html.

In smartly , we are building a catalog of CSS ‘patches’ to make tiles look pixel perfect on your dashboard so that you don’t need to patch it yourself.

Go into Chrome, load your Dashboard, go to Settings > More Tools > Developer Tools. Click the Elements tab at the top, then the little icon to the left with an arrow pointer inside a box. click that and move your mouse over the weather tile, click anything within that tile. To the right you’ll see all of the HTML… just move your mouse in there until you are up the tree until you see < div id=“tile-#” and you’ll see when you hover over things on the right that it’ll also highlight the element on the left… you want the entire weather tile highlighted and the click on it (on the right)… right click, “Copy Element” then go to pastebin.com and right click and paste. Submit that and send me the link!