[smartly] bug report and support thread

Working fine in hp4.

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If I try to have only the icon show on a dashboard link, it shows the icon and the original name of the dashboard.

Example: Dashboard name is “Home1”. If I select an icon and choose “hide the text, only show the icon.”, it will show the icon and the original dashboard name to the right of it.


So now that we are using SMARTLY-INJECT we no longer use colorTemplates:[], also decimals are automatically converted to whole numbers.

At this point it’s safe to remove those temperature/humidity value color templates.

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Apologies, the instructions are unclear. All “modifiers” show up in a fieldset, the darkened box with a title. When its a multi-option modifier, it normally starts with a checkbox. That checkbox enables or disables the modifier. In this case it’s Buttonize.

The second checkbox ‘icon only’ is for the Buttonize mod and only works when it’s enabled.

ok but if i want to customize to my own color template what do i need to do… and i assume i need to run it back through smartly… is the pxx version also supported still?

Under the color tab when editing the tile in SMARTLY, you’ll see some help text below the input box. Currently we are only supporting a single gradient color-scheme, but in the future we’ll allow creating our own.

So, the gradient is purple > blue > green > yellow > orange > red. The default values are in the help text, so if you want your “comfortable” temperature to be 20 degrees lower (moving the green area of the gradient down 20 degrees) for F, you’d use:

-30, 15, 32, 33, 50, 70, 100, 120

purple, blue, blue_end, green_start, green, yellow, orange, red


It will be once I get around to rolling the new version. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I will do that.

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Worked like a charm! Thanks again.

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I gave up on waiting and installed manually. Another forum member reported having difficulty updating with HPM (Smartly Inject driver already installed), and the error looked similar. However, not everyone seems to have this problem… HPM is working fine for some folks. I’m too impatient to wait, so I installed the hard way. Drag and drop is awesome!!!

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Thanks! I’ll set it up that way, I should’ve figured it would be something simple.

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@adam it’s just for fun, to have a badge showing that you’re a smartly project supporter :penguin:

Sure! I’m in.


Hi again,

With Cromium on Raspberry Pi the injector tile doesn’t work either, but does using a different browser.

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Created a ticket to track this, will tag you when we get it working. Thank you again for your help with the troubleshooting! :v:

When using the icon for the dashboard link instead of the text, I have to enter a custom label or the icon seems to be 2-3 times bigger than normal.

Without Label:

With Label:

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Are you using a single space character as the title in that second screenshot? It isn’t a bad thing to have the icon nudged to the left a little bit, and it will look centered between the left edge and the three dots.

I usually want to create more mods to make adjustments like this, but the mods will get pretty confusing if I add another ‘remove label’. Let me know about the blank/space title. I’m hoping that can work!

I will try with the blank space tomorrow. It works fine if I put a custom title in there. It just makes it big if I remove the label and don’t put a custom title in there, even if I mark it not to show.

This might be the wrong forum to post in, but I’m really curious to know how you guys do the color differences based on attribute value. I have a screentime counter I built for my kids and I would love it if it would change color, size, etc. based on the value of screentime remaining.

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If you could repost into the release thread [RELEASE] smartly 2.1.0 featuring smartly-inject that would be great. I think it’s a good idea!

Please include a screenshot of what the tile looks like that you’re using, and any other information you can. Having the tile background color change on time remaining would be great at a glance. :+1:

Posted it in the other forum. Thanks.

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