[smartly] bug report and support thread

Hello I come from another thread because I have a problem with smartly, when I modify icons, I put them on the dashboard to the size I want, when I want to modify again and I copy the json when I paste it, the measures of the icons are deconfigured again and it They see me in great shape, I have to do everything again, can you help me?

this is my configuration

Can someone help me, every time I change something in the smartly, and I update the .json, it changes the larger, round icons and I have to do it again, the font size and the icon size, the truth is a delay to do this every time

This is a known issue. There was a version that allowed those changes to be omitted, but it no longer function. For now you must making those changes each time. I need to do the same, so I feel your pain.


Sorry @chicoprat I misunderstood. It sounds like it’s just those icon size settings that are getting overridden. Yes what @techmedx said is true, those particular values will need to be changed back to what you want them to be after each update.


Not sure if you are still supporting this mod but with the lastest versions of hubitat firmware the save button no longer seems to work on the injection driver. It says it worked but when you exit by clicking paw or reload the changes weren’t saved.

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Same issue for me. It looks like everything is fine, but when you exit out of Smartly (click the paw), it didn’t actually save.

Just wanted to let everyone know this is being looked into. As of now I can say running version smartly drag and drop still works, but soon after that it breaks (not 100% sure exactly which version as of yet)


I want to take a minute to thank everyone that has supported smartly over the years. When my friend @spelcheck started this project he had one simple vision in mind.

“Make it (HE) prettier and more ‘marketable’, hubitat sales will increase, hubitat will hire more developers that fix all the things, smartly ends up being unnecessary.”

While this project may have been…, misdirected, as a personal friend to the original dev I wanted to post an “un-official” end to this chapter of smartly. The official announcement is linked here

IMHO smartly did accomplish @spelcheck’s dream of making HE dashboards prettier, and that functionality still remains. There are no plans to remove the smartly transmogrifier website (credit @danabw ), or any of the hosted icons and such that make its main objective accomplishable.

However in closing, there will be no future development, or patches to smartly in the foreseeable future. I’ve never claimed to be a dev; just a friend, and faithful minion to a very talented one, that unfortunately, is no longer directly available. If there is a dev willing and able to continue this project, my simple services, and connections are always available.

again, Thanks for supporting smartly!!





To mirror a post I just made on the HE Community…:

I’d also like to extend my thanks to all those responsible for the Smartly project. This kick-started a lot of my interest in modifying dashboards and producing tools to make that easier.

With the recent issue reported with the Drag and Drop feature not working post platform version 2.3.3.x, I have modified the Javascript file for the Drag and Drop feature of Smartly, which will now copy the updated layout JSON to the clipboard when you click the Save (disk) icon. This text can then be manually pasted into the Layout section of the Advanced dashboard Settings.

I have spoken with @markus and he was happy for me to maintain this feature, suggesting I setup my own copy under a separate repository, which I have done. I still need to do some more housekeeping like bringing the device driver across and setting it up for HPM use, so for now you will need to manually download the file to your PC from the link below, then upload it to your HE hub via File Manager. You can then open / refresh your dashboard to start using the updated process.



@sburke781 you might think about using a derivative name that doesn’t include the word smartly. When I search for smartly on the HE forum site, it doesn’t bring up anything relevant- they’re maintaining the blacklist against the original author. A search on smartly inject does return the recent thread about it not working, so I guess their filter isn’t absolute. Still, if you mangage to get it to a state that will work well for people, the name smartly might prevent many of them from finding it.

Thanks for the tip @epw, I wasn’t aware of that issue in finding the fix. I’m feeling like I will take what are now informed tentative steps into this space. The protagonist in me would say I will call it Oh-La Labs Core Drag and Drop… But the sheepish ever-accommodating nature in me would say I will temporarily fly under the radar and work out a quiet and diplomatic way of making people aware, without upsetting the neighbours, that they can still adjust the size and position of their tiles… :slight_smile: I like to think of it is akin to finding a nice cafe or bar… It take’s word of mouth rather than an “in-your-face” advertisement of it’s existence… Plus I haven’t actually finished setting up my repository… So don’t want to sell it to the world just yet…

EDIT: It wouldn’t appear that is not entirely the case, to be fair to the HE team. I was able to search for Smartly and find the recent topic that was created. I needed to adjust the sort order, but it then came up in the results. Hard to pin any negative motives on those who manage the Community I would suggest…

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Interesting… didn’t know there was a sort order drop-down. Although, I would argue that the default order, relevance, should put topics with smartly in the title at the top. Seems like those would be most relevant…

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True, but again I am willing to take the conservative path and say they are simply taking the built-in AI of sorts in Discourse… I’ve seen similarly lacking results when I search for quite specific terms I know are in the title of a topic, so am reluctant to pin any blame on the admins in this case.

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@sburke781 create a new post here with your maintenance etc. People know to come looking for smartly here. Thank you for steppibg in. I know there has always been an interest for smartly.


They can delistt threads at will so they do not show up in search.

Found this out recently when I posted a comment that went against the grain.

It seems the forum is selectively moderated / censored.

I’m reluctant to get too deep into a conversation about another Community…


All my HE hubs are still on and I have Smartly on one of them. Let me know if you need anything. Here or HE community.

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No worries. Just sharing what I thought was a relevant bit of info to the conversation.


Yep, that did sound a little more judgemental than I intended… I should have at least offered my thanks for providing advice for others when searching for help.

I wouldn’t want to completely silence conversation like this, it’s just I am conscious that issues with the way Hubitat staff choose to operate their Community are probably best directed towards them.

But I take your point that your comment was intended more for those trying to locate information about Smartly. I intend to maintain information re the Drag and Drop feature here more so than on the HE Community, aside from the likely questions that may be posted by members of the HE Community.