[smartly] Drag and Drop 2.0

Setting this up as a placeholder for any questions about the updated Drag and Drop feature I have tweaked recently. I will update this post and the next few with more details in the coming days as I move everything from Markus’ archived version to my new repository for this code.

At the moment the repository basically just has the JavaScript file in it, I will be moving the driver and HPM setup across and making it available as a separate install. I still need to work through some of the details, but if anyone wants to update their Javascript file manually, see this post:

I will keep details about the Drag and Drop here, with any other more general smartly support handled, well I assume on the thread I posted above, but I’ll leave that for others to ultimately decide.


Placeholder for changelog and other notes.

Placeholder for notes on migrating to this version…

Great work keeping this functionality going!


Thank you, @sburke781 , for taking this on.
This is more. This is community. Priceless.