Is there a way, inside Node Red, to call the refresh option for a node in ZWaveJS2mqtt?

I need to refresh some data, and the zwave attribute does not seem to work?

Or is there any way to get that option over on the left to report every 10 seconds. 2 x 5 seconds. I’ve saved it, but it has not “stuck”, in that, the device does not report every 10 seconds.

I’d definitely need a bit more information. Let’s start with what device it is that you’re referring to?

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Philio Technology Corp / Zipato Micromodule Energy Meter

If I hit “refresh” inside CORE’s ZWaveJS2mqtt, it refreshes, and everything updates (power, amp, volts, etc). But that setting above, on the left, should update the data every 10 seconds. It does not update at all (or at least, it may still update at the old rate, which was 720*5seconds = 1 hour).

You clicked the airplane next to the values to send your reporting choice to the device?

Yes. The right arrow thing?

This is the result in the logs window, after clicking the airplane node (which I’d done previously).

{ nodeId: 15, commandClass: 112, endpoint: 0, property: 1 },
[length]: 3
2022-09-17 12:17:02.667 INFO ZWAVE: Writing 2 to 15-112-0-1
2022-09-17 12:17:02.917 DEBUG MQTT: Publishing to zwave/Power/112/0/1: { time: 1663381022916, value: 2 } with options { qos: 1, retain: true }
2022-09-17 12:17:02.918 INFO ZWAVE: Node 15: value updated: 112-0-1 2 => 2
2022-09-17 12:17:02.919 INFO ZWAVE: Success zwave api call writeValue true
2022-09-17 12:17:04.090 DEBUG MQTT: Publishing to zwave/Power/112/0/1: { time: 1663381024089, value: 2 } with options { qos: 1, retain: true }
2022-09-17 12:17:04.091 INFO ZWAVE: Node 15: value updated: 112-0-1 2 => 2
2022-09-17 12:17:10.836 DEBUG MQTT: Publishing to zwave/Up/LS_-_Main_Bed/50/1/value/66049: { time: 1663381030835, value: 0 } with options { qos: 1, retain: true }

Where are you expecting this value to report? Just trying to figure out where this is going. Can you draw the picture for me a bit more?

These figures should get updated every 10 seconds. They are updated when I manually click refresh inside zwave2mqtt. It’s power monitoring on my switchboard. I’ve not seen the figures in the picture below update automatically at all.

This UI probably won’t update, it 's not reactive mostly. The only thing that updates in the browser is the buttons you can click. You have to trigger these refreshes. I would suggest checking mqtt explorer to see the reporting. You’re trying to harvest this information for something?

Yes, I’m watching the logs to see if it does report, which is does not.

It doesn’t all come through the logs. YOu need to watch mqtt explorer. This is why you recommend this tool. The logs are great for us and sometimes great for you, but unfortunately not everything is logged. NOT by our choice.

OK, I’ve just checked the Mqtt explorer, and its not updating every 10 seconds. If I manually click refresh, it does update (the browser showing CORE, the logs and the mqtt explorer).

Edit: it appears my other devices are logged to the logs (debug within zwave).

Ok … first … every 10 seconds on a zwave mesh might be a bit hard on it so just keep an eye.

expand your settings page. I’d like a screenshot of all the settings for that device.

It may not take such a low setting. So If it’s too short, it may get ignored and go back to default. Try extending the time to 60 seconds and give it a few minutes to snap into it. If That doesn’t report, increase the time until you do get an automatic report.

Yes agreeing with you regarding bogging down the zwave mesh.
I’ve made the time reporting larger, and still nothing.
I’m happy with about 30 second reporting. That’s what I had under HE.

OK! We got it!
This is soooo confusing!

How would I call this from Node Red?

2022-09-17 12:55:44.699 INFO ZWAVE: Calling api refreshCCValues with args: [ 15, 114, [length]: 2 ]

To report every 10 seconds, set the value to 2

that stands for 2 - 5 second increments

Did you by chance try that yet? We wondered why it said 1 (space) 5sec.
took a minute to sort out what we think they mean

No, my apologies. Sorry.

How would I call that command from within Node Red. When I click “refresh” (see first image above in OP) inside Zwavejs2mqtt, the figures update, and that command is called in the zwave debug logs.

If I could call that command from Node Red (say every 30 seconds), it would be sufficient.