Zigbee help tuya trv

Ill open this up saying i have no idea what im doing with zigbee.
I have hacked up a driver which is successfully receiving and decoding the data from the TRV. Now i am trying to send a command back to the device, but am unable to write in in such a way that HE will send it.
Ive found this in pythoon, but the data dsont aline perfectly with what ive been receiving

This is the data from the device in regard to its mode, with the last be in the mode its in
tuya mode 0404, raw=[raw:catchall: 0104 EF00 01 01 0040 00 3E03 01 00 0000 01 01 445F0404000102, profileId:0104, clusterId:EF00, clusterInt:61184, sourceEndpoint:01, destinationEndpoint:01, options:0040, messageType:00, dni:3E03, isClusterSpecific:true, isManufacturerSpecific:false, manufacturerId:0000, command:01, direction:01, data:[44, 5F, 04, 04, 00, 01, 02]] data=[44, 5F, 04, 04, 00, 01, 02]

this is the code todate

but basicly i want to know how to format and send a zigbee message then I can butcher to suit this device

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Hi Mark! You are much more adventurous than I am! I will give you that. I’d just beg Markus to write me something, but maybe I am a bit spoiled? I think so. That being said, Markus is affected by timezone differences and has been around here this weekend, so I can anticipate he’ll help you pick this apart after he wakes. We keep him very busy as of late with our ongoing project, but he’ll make some time to address this with you if you afford him some time. If you do make some breakthroughs on this, please update here in the meantime.

Thanks for the update, like I said I’ve got it working as a sensor but now I’ve hit a wall and searching various git hub sites hasn’t provided any clues.
So frustrating I’m so close but now been stuck for a few day(and no idea)

Is makus around normally he’s pretty quick

Yah, but things have been pretty overwhelming as of late. I’ll message him a reminder. My apologies.

Thanks, I don’t like to pester, he is doing us the favour

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might need to stand down i had a break through, only thing i havent managed to decode is Battery reporting, so if Markus knows the cluster/etc to look at…

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Still waiting for the device delivery. I never used a thermostat with HE. I saw some new thermostat apps in HE, but it is still unclear how to schedule Tvr on a hourly base. Even more, looking at some videos the device has his internal programmable scheduler. Is it possible to overwrite it from Hub?

Yea I’ve made some progress, auto mode is internal schedule ,mode heat is where you would use HE to send temp commands as you wish

@MarkUK Great. Little frustration due to the device lack :grin:. Interesting reference is (from the “other” community)

I’ve it working but can’t get much further

Got it.
User interface very poor (how can I change the damn advanced options, eg. A5 max limit of the setting temperature I inadvertely changed?)
I’ll play with the code asap even without sniffer…

Is this the right place to report this: COPY AND PASTE THIS ROW TO THE DEVELOPER: fingerprint model:“3320-L”, manufacturer:“CentraLite”, profileId:“0104”, endpointId:“01”, inClusters:“0000,0001,0003,0020,0402,0500,0B05”, outClusters:“0019”

Let me know if you get any breakthroughs I can add it to the driver on HE forum

Erratic. I can read an set Setpoint, mode and few others features. I want add presence “a la Markus”, but something is wrong. Some messages have still unknonkn meaning. Tomorrow I’ll share my discoveries.
Do you know how to set manually min and max temperatures? I scrambled them and now the max temperature is 22!

Its in the instructions do you gave them?

May be it’s me, but I cannot understand how to. in the sheet that kind of options are signed by Symbol A1, A2,… I cannot see that symbol in the UI (should I?). when I enter set mode there are two numbers (30 and 00) rapidly flipping each other, but I cannot change them… 🤷

The setting on the device is shown on the top right, its only the number is shows

Press to wake
Long press
Press + until SET is shown
Short press
Then short press to cycle thought settings
Then + or - to adjust
The short press

I tried exactly that sequence, as stated in the sheet.
What is wrong ? :frowning:
I made a video I cannot upload…

EDIT I inserted the video in github

I made a code patch work
In the header of code there are the known errors and unknown received messages
The error is due to a temptative to integrate presence code by @markus.It is not working and I coud not understand why.
I could not go any further in these two days… after all I’m not a groovy coder :-), but I’ll go on

hubitat-zigbee-trv-moes/zigbee_trs.groovy at main · brunialti/hubitat-zigbee-trv-moes (github.com)