"There is no such thing as can't be done. Only wont. Or don't know how."

I’m feeling a bit misty, so bear with me on this. Someone close to me says this quite often. I never stopped to think about the significance of that statement until very recently. When my home automation world was turned upside down, I was told “Don’t’ worry about it. It can be done.” How? No updates, no dashboards, no internet interface. How? Tell me this? Feeling very much the victim.

When I needed to redo my network, they stayed on the horn with me for hours figuring it out. When I ordered my Unifi system, I had guidance along the way. :kiss: My can’t be done changed into bring it on and became fun again. That’s what I’m talking about.

In this time, I’ve only realized that my experience with these wonderful people I’m beginning to call family has forced me to think outside the box. Our environments and programming make things easy, because they use the obvious integration. But I’ve never felt more satisfied or accomplished until I did these things on my terms just because I am constantly being told “There is no such thing as can’t”. Now, it’s much easier for me to think outside the box instead of taking the easy road. I think that I’m out to prove that.

That being said, my goal is to continue setting up integrations on my terms. So far I have managed the following:

Wireguard for dashboard connectivity when I’m away - blazing fast. OMG it’s on :fire:
Pushover for announcements
Alexa and google home through node red
Presence with unifi and Life360 with node red
HSM working perfectly :grin:

So, I know that I’ve only brushed the surface with this. There is so much more that can be done. So I’d love to know how you keep things in your playing field. How do you keep things on your terms and locked down? I’d love to hear about the cool things that you’ve done. Perhaps this should be some type of challenge?


Me, one year ago: I bet you can’t hack your old radio into an Alexa, April!

April: I bet I can! And I’ll even redo my network and learn Node Red at the same time!


Edit: How is your Echo setup with MDNS and VLANs? It’s a pain in the knackers with Chromecast on Unifi. I know Chromecast is to blame partially, but wanted to see how Amazon fares…

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yah … and where, pray tell, is your radio? Refresh my memory.

Amazon is running flawlessly. Forward the right ports and set up the right rules you’ll never know the difference. They do have isolated cloud access, but connected through node red.

I’ve only just started integrating google. I scored two nest minis for $18 each on black Friday, and I don’t have the luxury of using a built in integration. I’m working on getting them to open my garage door on request as I arrive home. You know I’m not much for voice commands, but given the security risk, I’ve opted for a voice command for this integration.
Next, I’m planning on walling off my wyze and using motioneye or something similar with my already rockin’ vpn connection.

I also have two chromcasts in the drawer that I plan on doing something with now.
Then I’m going to dabble with some bluetooth integrations. Just to see.

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It was up and running :slight_smile: My wife prefers the echo show rather than a sentient radio, so I am figuring out how to get it all working with a new setup.

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Can’t wait to hear about it

Curious to know how you did Google via node red I’ve not explored that yet.

Actually, I’ve only just begun working on google and ran a few initial tests with it, so I want to explore what I can actually do with it and get some things set up so I can share more. I plan on doing this on the weekend. More to come.

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Ok … so I loaded a developer type node that allows you to pull commands into node red from your google home. It requires an account and you create your devices there, but it’s kind’ve a cool thing. Also has an app that you install on your pi.


I’ve been able to get a flow about 3/4 of the way. I’m having a difficult time converting it to a command. I intend on asking google to open my garage door. I like this method because I can ask it when I’m close to home and there are no false triggers if presence gives issue. I’ll continue to work on it. Once I get it working, I’ll post the flow.

Do you use the Hubitat Google community App? (Not the inbuilt one) I’d be curious to know how,Node Red compares and your thoughts on both…if you do

Unfortunately, I’m not able to use anything that would integrate through Hubitat cloud. So, everything that I’ve integrated is outside of that box. I’ve just managed to get my garage door integration up and running, I’m planning on a new post for it.

Huh??? By choice or???

uhm …
not by choice

Yeah I really think it’s time for you to move to a new system… perhaps one that actually functions properly too.

I plan on keeping my Hubitat until it takes it’s last breath. It will take it’s rightful place in my environment and serve it’s purpose well. Besides, I can’t help but be humble about it. I’ve learned a lot in the last few months that I wouldn’t have bothered with otherwise. So thank you for forcing me to think outside the box. Joke’s on you. And we’re not looking to get people to leave environments, only to enhance them. I won’t trash talk something that still has a use.


It’s decent with Zigbee at least :slight_smile:

Welcome… I think… maybe… hmmm…

I noticed and I applaud that of you and team. However once something is available be prepared for an in-rush.

As I said it’s a good Zigbee controller. The rest of what it’s supposed to do is subjective… I won’t trash talk the hub but I won’t recommend it either.

Not directly on you … I “inferred” there … read between the lines. :grin:

It will have a good place in my ecosystem.

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Oh you’re free to question my sanity. I do!!! :grin:
– and others do… and I can agree…

I work with, develop, install several system brands so I have a list of vendors, companies I work with, a list that are pending or possible and the list of… nope.

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Sorry, misread the post. I was thinking it was April saying that she wouldn’t recommend Hubitat anymore. I guess it’s time to go to bed but trying to make it to end of Sunday Night Football.

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Come on YOU CAN DO IT!!! I’m on EST too… DO IT!

Do you have a 1 year old and a 3 year old at home??? :grinning: I am just lucky that I remembered to move our Elves on a Shelf tonite. I am a Cowboys fan but looking to get on another team’s bandwagon for rest of year.

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