The future of CORE

You didn’t think we’d go without Plan-B did you?

First off, I just have to say that this experience has been more than humbling. The hard work and time that we have put into this so far is more than worth it. We’ve learned so much over this past year, and we will continue to learn and move forward with getting CORE out into the hands of our supporters.

When I say “supporters” I do mean you. Backers will not be forgotten. We are not able to use mailing lists from the campaign, so we needed a way to show our appreciation should the campaign not succeed. NOT that we wanted or anticipated it to fail, but “just in case.” You will not be forgotten in this. If you haven’t registered in the community, we encourage you to do so.

Development hasn’t slowed, and we’re very excited to move forward . We did have to take some time for life to happen, which is probably expected. Last night, we decided before we start again we’re going to have the UI ready for review and beta testing. It won’t be tomorrow, but stay tuned for more information.

In the meantime, we encourage you to discuss and share your automations in the community. Look for future announcements and product updates as we move forward. I plan on posting progress videos as we move down this new path.

Again, I just want to say thank you on behalf of Oh-La LABS and stay tuned.


Sad to see that it didn’t make its goal. But I know you guys had a plan b.

Will original backers get a special price when plan b is sorted out?

Also, will indegogo be handling the refund. I’m only asking because on my account I see the following…

" The contribution can’t be refunded through Indiegogo because it is outside of our refund policy. Please contact the campaign owner to request a refund."

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Did you request a refund? From our understanding it will auto-refund.

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I didn’t request a refund. I remember reading somewhere that it should auto refund but then I read that.

I’m not sure how long it will take but I’ll give it some time to process.

5 to 7 business days according to the Indiegogo FAQ:

With a fixed funding campaign, you only keep the funds you raise if you meet your funding goal. If your campaign does not meet its goal by its deadline, all your backers will be refunded by Indiegogo within 5-7 business days.

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Well good to see it will continue. Not much info to go on. I genuinely wish you the best of luck. I for one will continue to stick around…


Honestly, not even worried about a refund. I went into this wanting to fund the effort. If there’s a different way to do that, I’d rather transfer my funds to that effort instead of getting a refund.


Same here.


Me too……


I think there is great loyalty and hope within your existing backers. Can I ask if there is any way you could do a limited test batch for such users at a much higher price of course? Then these users could become beta testers and contributors even maybe?

When full production then later happens maybe a special discount could apply to these users but TBH I think we all just want this product to be in the market as it is so technically appealing.

I don’t want to cite any aspect of the campaign but I do believe that the geographic of the company and even the ‘Oh-La’ name doesn’t help at this stage. It has a bit of a ‘toy’ ring. That probably sounds unreasonable to say but I know when I am hovering over backing a campaign it is a concern to me. Knowing the background of the great people involved in this product made it an easy decision for me of course.


I believe it was a fatal mistake to incorporate in Hong Kong and it will haunt CORE until there is no longer any connection.

I’m here to support as well.

I’m not a fan of the indiegogos etc. Got burnt a few times but did it anyways. Just checking in the refund but will support again when it’s available.

I’m pretty sure a few were worth seeing so asking probably answered for a few people.

Maybe a VM could be released as a beta so we could play with the software until the hardware is released. :slight_smile: (Worth a try asking)

I don’t think it’s fatal, but I do count it as a negative. When none of the principals are from HK, why not move the legal residence of the company?

I meant fatal to the campaign.

BTW, Markus, though Swedish, lives in HK.

Right, and I assume he, like the other expats I know, has refreshed his personal contingency plans. I weep for the people of Hong Kong.


Amen to that!

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I think he lives in mainland China, but whatever. They are becoming more and more the same thing nowadays.

It’s not unusual to set up & /or list a company in HK when you want to sell globally and transact in multiple currencies. I do however see some negative perception given the recent situation there. I worked there for several years a while back but would be much less keen to be based there now.

I trust the team will find a way. Personally I don’t really mind where the company is based - within reason - as long as the product is amazing and price is not crazy.

Just an update to refunds.
I just received an email from indigigo to say that refund is in process and can take upto 10days for International cards!
I imagine you all should start to get the same email


it was not requested, just happen. If I had the choice I’d happily donate it to the effort.

Keep up the good work team. We’ll be here to support yall!!


But but… I dont want my money back. :sob:

Seriously just let me know when i can send it again.