SYS|Dash Button behavior

Not sure if it’s been mentioned here or elsewhere, but I noticed some of the tiles opened the logs / status page for the service, while others opened the actual application, like NR or Z2M. Is it possible to access the logs / status page for these as well?

EDIT - Clicking one of the green dots seems to provide the pop-up April showed in the original post… Then clicking Status

EDIT2 - I did notice the “open” button at the top of the Grafana logs / status page did not open the Grafana UI, just re-opened the same logs / status page.

The 3 dots will give you the menu. Clicking on the middle of the tile gives you the GUI for the service of it has one. I check the menu shortly.

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When i click on “Open” it opens the grafana UI. When did you last update? run versions to make sur that you’re completely up to date.

I updated about 1-2 hours ago. I’ll run versions shortly and report back

Check this

sudo oll-grafana --status

If a service is not running, it will bring you to the status page because there’s nothing else to see. Or if there’s not a UI. Which is not the case with Grafana. It has a UI.

If it’s running, restart Grafana. You may have flushed a bug. We’ll address later.

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Could be a bit of both, Grafana is running, but not up-to-date (according to versions command). Will update now and report back.

Be sure to restart grafana after update.

Yes, I updated a few of the other containers after I did the main update earlier this morning, and I noticed the comment at the end indicating that the container was not started, including the command to use to start it, nice touch.

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It is fixed now (not that it was technically broken, I just needed to update), I can open Grafana from the dashboard and the “Open” button.

I did start Grafana after running the update, but that did not seem to resolve it, but I could have just been impatient. I then clicked the “Restart” button from the logs / status page and that then allowed me to open the Grafana UI from the “Open” button and from the Icon on the dashboard tile.

Grafana UI seems to want to go “dormant” and appears to be online. We’ll work this out. If you update a service, better to run restart on it as the services are updated while they are running and will only restart when you actually choose to restart them.

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