Someone has to say it!

So… the question nobody dare to put! :grin:
When IT (the Thing) will be available?
When will we know when?



Officially? “Soon”


Unofficially - not “soon” enough! lol

You asked.

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Yeah surely it can’t take long to CTRL C, CTRL V HE code then CTRL F and replace ‘Hubitat’ with ‘Oh-La Labs’

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I suppose it depends on the what the new hub/bridge/thingamybob/dubrey/cancan will do and the cost of course.
My current HE setup is running pretty smoothly but if the new offering opens up a brave new world and runs using software that an idiot like me can get my hear round then…

Is there a survey being run to give the new device a name?
Can I start it off.

How about ‘The CanCan’. :wink:


You mean like when Hubitat did a find and replace for the word “SmartThings”?


You know, they don’t make a groovy to typescript translator, so I couldn’t be held responsible for all of your flows working in opposite succession after said copy/paste/:-1: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :poop: was performed.


One of the reasons developers don’t like to give timelines for things they are working on. Things happen and dates get pushed out and there is nothing you can do about it.

But the community never forgets and will always come at you for missing a date… lol

Even HE is getting it’s weekly “When is the protection service coming?” post.


When we know when, we will share when. Then, when will become then.



Brutal because so true. Ive been with hubitat since inception and that was the draw, it ripped off smartthings while being offline. You can still use apps/drivers from smartthings by doing find/replace. Thats exactly how the OG drivers and code started out. Its not bad, they improved smartthings IMO but then dont be a hypocrite about it. Nothing bad about what they did, just the attitudes they have now about things.

I don’t think anyone really ripped anything off. Maybe they … took advantage of certain similarities. It’s the nature of the language and platform.
It’s been a long, slow road for OLL because we are paving that new path. As always, we appreciate your ongoing support and excitement about our project. @markus @jchurch @RRodman @spelcheck and I are meeting with each other on the project nearly every day. We’re putting in countless hours together on this adventure as we also manage full-time jobs, families, and children.
Just a little shoutout to our Oh-La family and to everyone that makes up our community. You guys are great!


My comment was meant in jest. I work with developers all day and refence them just getting their code off GitHub, it was an extension of that.


Happy Birthday, April.


Busted! :grin:

It is not only a timeline question. It also a matter of what. I do not think it is so constraining to speak about the hub-to-be features, same as about a reference plan. As Disney once said, a project without dates is only a dream… :joy:

The “what” has been listed around the community and on the prelaunch pages.

~Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.~


Patience is a Virtue of the strong. That is the reason why I feel so weak…

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Whats this “Patience” thing your all talking about??? sounds like the instructions that come with Ikea furniture… for girls only :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey now … I think that the instructions are more indicative of legos.



So just really bored and curious. Figured I’d ask a few questions. Feel free to ignore as you see fit.

How goes testing?

Have you guys got your initial development hardware?

If so has the core of the cc been developed and made to run on said hardware?

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck If a woodchuck could chuck wood?

And I’m sure have plenty more. Again slow day here. No worries for answers in any way.

Have a great day!!!