Release: SYS|Dash

Yeah I didnt wait long enough to start seeing them, but I agree it would be cool if it backfilled a certain amount.

You know how it goes give em something new and right away they want more !!!


The downfall to this is to keep the system lean, the system keeps a certain number of lines for all logs. If something is flooding the logs, you may only get 3 lines from any one service. This could make feature inconsistent, but we’ll add it. Just know that it is what it is. We’ll see what we can do about it. If the logs begin to cause a load on the system, it may get reconsidered.

BEFORE you ask, we’re also working on bundling and sharing logs for troubleshooting or bug reporting. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

WITH privacy filtering.


Just a FYI: Check MQTT Explorer to see parts of what the API-side of this can do. SysAPI documentation will come, the API can be used over MQTT, WebSockets and http.


Even looks good on my phone.


Maybe I Lost something, but my nr3 icone show offline status despite the fact nr3 Is working normally.

EDIT 1st usability feedback on settings/zoom: +/- buttons may help when used with phones, same as a zoom set numeric value

There’s an issue with incorrect offline showing, clicking the offline button sends a ping and resolves that for now, but will be resolved in the next relese.

Is the slidebar difficult to use on mobile? I’ll see what can be improved there.

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Clicking solves the problem until the windows Is open. When you exit It and then reenter the “led” Is off again.

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Priority=0 for me. Just to Say I’m alive…,:- :laughing:

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Does It make sense to add “update” button in Settings to fire “sudo oll-update-init --initialize-updates” command? same for “new version available” notification?

Updates are coming, oll-update-init will have it’s own tile. A “New version available” indicator will also be added, probably just as a 4th indicator dot.


It would be better in an upper corner, just showed when a new version Is available, as it is a transient notification, not a real “status”, in my opinion


Unable to get it to open in Firefox (Windows). Just uses 100% cpu. Chrome worked for now, known problem?

We have never officially supported Firefox and don’t test extensively for that browser, but failures of that type should not occur, I’ll look into it.

No worries. I just never expected something today to be written to a particular browser versus web standards (at least since the bad days of IE).

If that is the case, don’t waste your time on troubleshooting but hopefully the /simple interface could be resurrected so we can get to the main components should their URL change in the future.

EDIT: Upon reboot/update looks like all the URLs have changed so I’m SOL for now :slight_smile:

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It’s not written for a particular browser, it’s just that even using standard libraries and following standards Firefox does not work as expected at times. If it was just a minor UI glitch I wouldn’t bother, but not working at all is not acceptable.

simple is available at coreip/simple/

The URLs have not changed, but you get the status page until a service is up and running.

EDIT: The issue is in the gridstackjs library, I’ll find a way around it.

As a testament to CORE, I haven’t rebooted in a long time so things not coming back up 15 minutes after reboot is surprising.

/simple is redirecting me to a blank /sysapi/statuspage/.service (both Chrome and Firefox).

I’ll open a new thread for troubleshooting these problems. First, I’m hoping I can figure it out on my own quickly before any one else wakes up and starts yelling :slight_smile:

EDIT: all backend things are working just fine - working on new UI problems in Chrome

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@jeffml From post #15 above: “Simple is deprecated and will no longer be updated.”

Yep, hence why I asked it to be resurrected if Firefox won’t be supported

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This is resolved in the next release. I’ll probably push that one tomorrow after some more testing. The only major issue left on Firefox is that zoom isn’t supported and the normal workarounds for that break other things.