Pressure Mat

Sooo … I got bored with working on documentation tonight, so I decided it was time to do something with an ESP32 and another pressure strip.
I used the bed sensor tutorial because I didn’t have any boards that weren’t soldered. I did use barrel connectors instead of wiring direct.
My apologies for the ball. The dog digs photobombs.

I found a 14$ rubber mat at Menards yesterday and attached the pressure strip to the bottom of it using foam tape and painter’s tape. (Very professional looking)
I wanted to test compiling and flashing the board directly on CORE, and it handled it beautifully. This entire project took about 20 minutes from solder to deployment.

Now when I step on the mat my soldering station turns on and my office lights stay on without a lot of motion. It was a much needed addition to my office automation as I kept losing my lights when standing at my workbench. I just might create one for the other end as well when I’m at my other computer.

Now back to documentation, I guess.