Organization nightmare

We’re having a snowstorm today. A snow day was quite nice. I must admit. I took the day to organize my network closet. It was a wiring nightmare. I have to share this room for storage as well, so the creepy ram head is actually a Los Angeles Rams golf club cover. My apologies, I didn’t realize he was photobombing me. :grin:


How do you keep your environment organized?


Nice work :clap:

I’m not posting a pic of mine because it looks awful…but I know what’s what and that’s good enough for me. I do a reorg whenever I add something so that the cables/cords are not twisting around each other and my network cables are mostly close to the right length so there’s not slop everywhere.


I use wall cabinets.


Very clean :+1:

WHats the PS4 just doing stuffed in the cupboard?

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My guess is they either have long HDMI runs (up to 75 feet) or use HDMI over Cat5 as I do for runs up to 300 feet. I see the Harmony Hub and Roku down there, so don’t worry, hubby still gets to game!

Ok I’ll post mine but granted I cheat and make my business help out. I use racks. The network/automation rack needs attention. It might get some this winter.

Home Theater/A/V Rack

Networking/Automation Rack

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The TV is on the opposite side of the wall, so I actually have it hooked up to an hdmi over Cat5e. Above that is The harmony, the cable box, on the wall above the patch panel are my rasberry pi and the downstairs roku. This spot is ideal as it’s in the center of the room and I’d actually be able to feed everything up to the main floor living room with no issues and have it all hanging out in this basement room. I’ve seriously considered it.

I always like when its neatly organized but I’m constantly changing and moving things so mine quickly gets out of order. I have a corner of the basement setup with an old shelving unit from a department store that was left behind by the previous owners.


I see you have some tinkering going on there. do you keep your home automation hubs on there somewhere? Or just your nas’s and computers?

I wish I had the space for wall cabinets. The area in the center of the house is right below the steps. It’s considerable size and the previous owners were all about storage, so there was already a shelf there. Since the living room was right on the other side of the wall, it made sense to use part of it for home automation central. So everything is run to that room. Still considering moving the upstairs entertainment down there. Just a few challenges like IR, but I was chatting with he who shall not be named and they suggested this:

Might actually solve my problems
But then there’s all the Cat5e that I’d have to run connected to hdmi over ethernet that might get in the way. Anyone have a solution for that without getting messy again?

This pic I took a little while ago and even since then its changed.

You can see my old c4 on there unplugged. My c7 was in the family room when I took this pic as I was having issues with joining my locks but I keep all my hubs there. In the pic it has my bond hub and my harmony hub. My apple tv for homekit stuff. Thats my unraid server which I have all my media stored on and my dockers. I even upgraded the eero to an eero pro 6 and added another server that is just running VM’s for a lab for work.

The good thing is that the basement keeps everything naturally cool too and its all pretty quiet.

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Do you have existing Coax runs you could tap into? HDMI over Coax w/IR. I’m this close to getting one for our bed room (so the cable box stays in the basement A/V rack), but I never watch TV there and would only use it a few minutes a day for news.

I wish. We have fiber to the home. Everything is delivered through ethernet. So … yah … Although that technology would be super cool.

Interesting, must be a new house. Around here everything built after 1980 has cable TV hookups. Even new construction.

Do you already have Ethernet in all rooms?

If so you need an HDMI Matrix, super cool! With just ONE direct Cat5 (Cat6/7 is better, and needed for 4K) cable in each room you can have all your devices in that closet, and put ANY device, on ANY TV!. You can even watch the same thing all. Just think zombie killing in every room of the house. :rofl:

Not cheep, but we’ve had one of these deployed in a conference room for a while and it still works well (puts Zoom on up to 8 TV’s in the room, or they can split them up). The webGUI is very basic, but allows you to control input/output from anywhere. If you have ethernet in every room this is what you need.

This one is 4x4 4 input 4 outputs, but they have whatever you need/want.

It has IR support too, but why not just use Harmony?

I really don’t think we do. House was built in 1994 and the only thing run in the house was telephone line. Useless. Although the telephone line does work. Still useless. I have one phone hooked up to it. Ethernet was easy to run because we have drop ceilings, so there is one ethernet that they had run to the upper for the tv up there. Yah … I had my husband pull me some more drops in the basement. I’m planning on doing the upper at a later time. We spend most of our time in the basement right now anyway. Don’t they offer a consumer model of that. It’s a bit steep.

I found one! One coaxial. In the whole house.

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I found a 4x4 which has 1 HDMI output (you can use a pass through to get a run to that adjoining TV), and 3 HDBaseT outputs with 3 convertors for $699. That’s a really good price for this tech, HDBaseT matrix stuff is not cheep. I have no experience with this company though. Looks like it has a GUI for control, bonus.

If you wanna do some research look for “HDBaseT Matrix” and you’ll get tons of hits. Happy to look over what you find if you go that route.

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Thanks! I’ll do that. I’ll add it to my list of wishes.

Having never seen fiber to a home (the city here is cabling it to homes now but it will be long before I have it) what kind of connection do you get from the fiber end box? I’m guessing it’s just like my cablemodem, a single RJ45… only faster.

Well, it converges to a box on the exterior much like your cable does. I’ve never seen the equipment inside of that box, but then in the house there is a modem specifically for fiber that runs into a router that they have provided. The router actually provides cable tv, internet, and phone. Then the internet runs to my network in the wiring closet/storage room. I’ll edit in a photo in a minute or so.

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A subscription required for each?

As I understand it here there is a city fee for install and then monthly for service. On top of that I’ll have to pick an ISP.

All-in-all I don’t need gigabit service as my 100M is just fine. Cool? Yeah. Necessary? No.