Marjebian Release Notes

We’ll be posting active release notes here that have been pushed to the update server. If you see a fix that you need, please run the update command. Not all changes are noted here as they may not be a significant change. Maintenance type tasks may be excluded and all packages updated are not included here but can be seen inside Marjebian.
Make note that some services may restart after the update completes. Such as Node-RED or Z2M.

sudo oll-update-init --initialize-updates

This update is unattended. Please make sure that you’re editing your files accordingly so that they do not get overwritten. See docs.

Marjebian v1.8.2.0727
ollscripts (1.2-32)

  • POTENTIALLY breaking change to webhooks. More information inside Beta.

ollscripts (1.2-25)

  • Updated InfluxDB password generation and Grafana config change detection

ollscripts (1.2-24)

  • Container versions can now easily be viewed + additional related updates.

ollscripts (1.2-23)

  • Changed how InfluxDB passwords are checked.

ollscripts (1.2-22)

  • Added a simple way to list current versions.

ollscripts (1.2-21)

  • Updated nginx files

ollscripts (1.2-19)

  • Added support for using an alternate CA: ACME or your own local one

ollscripts (1.2-17)

  • Changed Z2M to follow the :latest tag


ollscripts (1.2-16)

  • Auto-detection of serial device type added (/dev/serial/by-type/{zigbee|z-wave})

ollscripts (1.2-15)

  • Fixed redirect and SSO for /simple

ollscripts (1.2-14)

  • Fixed path mapping for containers when serial device had a colon in the path


Fixed cert generation.
Supporting secondary domain to CORE for advanced networks with local DNS will not redirect to CORE IP. You can send it to secondary domain.

Webhooks work with the HE integration.

Switched all containers to use the container registry.

Added the ability to run Node-RED 3 in parallel of regular node red. Not accessible through CORE UI. only accessible through direct ip.

Fixed the default channel on Z2M to channel 15 - This will only affect a new initialization of CORE

VS Code terminal is fixed inside of CORE

Fixes to Grafana


ollscripts (1.2-32)

  • POTENTIALLY breaking change to webhooks. More information inside Beta.
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ollscripts (1.2-33)

  • Fixed NR3 path

ollscripts (1.2-34)

  • Run Homebridge with network=host (yes, not secure, but for now this may be needed for this particular container)

ollscripts (1.2-35)

  • Fix to how HA installs HACS
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ollscripts (1.2-42)

  • NR3-related fixes + coredash install cleanup
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ollscripts (1.2-45)

  • Made Grafana snapshot links work and allow them to be embedded

ollscripts (1.2-44)

  • Added support for oll-iconify

ollscripts (1.2-47)

  • Reduced unprivileged port start to 80
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ollscripts (1.2-48)

  • Enabled localhost only version of all services without SSO + fixed oll-system --versions

ollscripts (1.2-50)

  • Added support of authorized_keys for more users

ollscripts (1.2-52)

  • Added oll-integration
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ollscripts (1.2-53)

  • Updated Home Assistant integration and fixed SSO bug

ollscripts (1.2-55)

  • Moved multiple Native Integrations to new manifest model.
  • Updated oll-integration + updated native Integrations

ollscripts (1.2-58)

  • Added oll-nginx-configure --self-signed-cert-for-external

ollscripts (1.2-59)

  • Added oll-iconify-api (and remove oll-iconify)

ollscripts (1.2-60)

  • Now supporting backups on localhost to any EXTERNAL media: NFS, USB-drive etc

ollscripts (1.2-70)

  • Feat: Added zoom and improved Integration Dash

ollscripts (1.2-69)

  • Update: Added icons

ollscripts (1.2-67)

  • Fix: SysAPI missing folders

ollscripts (1.2-66)

  • Feat: Added CORE SysAPI

ollscripts (1.2-65)

  • Added support to select primary UI

ollscripts (1.2-72)

  • Feat: Added Color Blind Mode + Fixed Firefox 100% CPU issue
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ollscripts (1.2-73)

  • Feat: Logs now show history
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ollscripts (1.2-74)

  • Fix: Tiles in SYS|Dash not loading