Marjebian Release Notes

ollscripts (1.2-76)

  • Fix: oll-integration paths set properly

ollscripts (1.2-78)

  • Fix: Added CORE SysAPI rate-limiting

ollscripts (1.2-77)

  • Update: Changed Integration redirects

ollscripts (1.2-79)

  • Feat: CORE SYS|API offline page added + logged out modals

ollscripts (1.2-82)

  • Feat: Hideable tiles added

ollscripts (1.2-81)

  • Feat: Datastore now automatically subscribes and pushes updates

ollscripts (1.2-83)

  • Feat: Integrations can now be opened inside iframes (“App Window” as open type in SYS|Dash).
  • Online checks for Integrations are improved.
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ollscripts (1.2-85)

  • Feat: Alternative Touch Support in SYS|Dash (affects App Window behavior on mobile, after activation+refresh)

ollscripts (1.2-84)

  • Feat: Ctrl-clicking App Window tiles and status button will open them in a named tab insted
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