iZone Air Conditioning Drivers

I have been running my iZone system with these drivers now since early 2019 without issue so I wanted to share to anyone else running this system. I can offer any feedback as required too if you need any guidance from a long term user. If you live in Australia you are probably familiar with iZone here who are located in Perth. Anyways they offer many things now but are well known for their ducted air-conditioning interface.

The 2 drivers that are used to control the iZone AC system can be located on a public GPL V2 license here.

  • iZone.groovy - is used for the Master Panel control
  • iZone_Zone_Settings.groovy - is used for each zones 1-12 and offers a thermostat for each of them.

Important considerations when implementing Airstream iZone with Hubitat are listed below

  1. Out of the box functionality for Airsteam iZone is that the tablet/controller is configured as “zones” in the admin panel (note default password is wamfud) under controlling options. This needs to be changed to R/Air for the Hubitat integration to function otherwise the thermostat will not update, in addition you cannot control each zone separately.

  2. When putting Hubitat rules together in RM and referencing “ACError” under http://iZoneCB/SystemSettings note that there is a JSON tree code error where it should be “OK” it’s actually " OK" (note space).

  3. Another oddness Master Panel will not show temperature when set to R/Air so you need to pull the temp from Zone 1 to show it.

In addition, the iZone.groovy file has presence detailed for the iZone bridge which is handy but I wanted presence detection for the wireless battery controllers in each zone as well so in Nodered i put together the following flow:


@bendarklighter I believe you were asking how to use these on the other community so if you require guidance reach out.

Thanks very much. This is my setting at the moment. But I’m getting this error for master panel and zones everytime it refreshes. Not sure if it’s related to the R/Air setting or is there something else I’m missing.

dev:6502021-01-13 09:44:37.099 am errorsomething went wrong: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Response does not have a content-type header
dev:6502021-01-13 09:44:37.061 am errorsomething went wrong: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Response does not have a content-type header
dev:6502021-01-13 09:44:37.051 am infoPulling Zone 5_8 Settings
dev:6502021-01-13 09:44:37.048 am inforefresh 5-8

Also I found a bug on line 365 of the code

sendCommand '{"SystemMODE":"vent}'

Missing " at the end on vent

Update all: We are working with @bendarklighter via PM’s in an attempt to resolve his issues. Once I know more I will update here. It seems an iZone update has occurred causing issues on newer firmware units.

I’m also about to setup a new iZone with the added bonus of Irrigation and potentially some lights and garage door controllers. I also have a copy of the iZone network protocol json header files so hopefully I can fix any issues with the current drivers and code.

@jchurch is the iZone groovy source still available?

Sure is. Please see here.

Note, these drivers are not supported by Oh-La LABS. We will be supporting iZone though.

Thanks - why does the code mention Scott Grayban as the author? What was the origin of the code and where did it come from?

I paid Scott to write this code for me in early 2020. You can find the original driver code in my original post (although it seems his gitlab is down atm).