Inovelli Blue Series

Saw this pop up on my feed today, compared to the red’s they seem same same only different.

What do people here think of Inovelli? I currently have TP-Link Kasa dimmers throughout the house, but I have been looking to switch for a variety of reasons. When comparing these to Caseta, I feel like trading ClearConnect for a notification bar and more configurable actions seems pretty good, especially if the ZigBee is rock solid (which in my experience it usually is).

Question for the OLL folks: Are you guys in talks with Inovelli directly? IIRC they have a pretty good partnership with Hubitat and I imagine they would be on board with what you guys are trying to do.

I’ve been following the breadcrumbs on the Inovelli site here:

I only have 1 of their Red series switches (the LZW36 combo fan/light switch, zwave). It works reasonably well, but it’s zwave. Tons of configuration options and more features than I could possibly use…

The dimmer and/or switch combo (they call it a 2-in-1) is in beta now. I’ll be picking one up once they hit the market… sounds like May/June timeframe.

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Apparently the current timeline for these to go on sale is April which sounds like it should -ish coincide with something else as well which should be interesting… :wink:

Something else April-related…?

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Here in the US, income taxes are due…

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Latest from Eric @ Inovelli is pre-orders in April, targeting early May for release. I’ll be getting at least 2 to replace a couple of troublesome z-wave switches that just won’t operate reliably. Inovelli is getting set to have these work right off the bat with HA - a placeholder ZHA quirk is already up on Github. @april.brandt @markus can you tell us how device handlers will work to start with? Will it look something like the quirk system, or do you have a radically different way for us to bring in new devices?

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Nice profile pic you got there :wink:

If you find that it goes on pre-order, make sure to post the link here as I think a lot of those in the community would want to buy in.

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This is the best alternative to Lutron Caseta IMO. Their Z-wave switches are pretty good and they are very active for fixes. I might get a few just for the notification LED and Load bypass for my HUE bulbs.
I only have Caseta switches now and thinking about z-wave switches give me nightmares.

Yeah I agree, except for one point, their dimming performance. IIRC it has always been very choppy and I am not aware of them pushing out a fix yet. I hope they got in under control with the blue series.

owning them is worse. Wish I’d had more options in the zigbee realm when I did my house… now it’s going to cost me more to replace. Lutron will happen when we down-size. I can’t afford to outfit this house with their products, unfortunately.

My hope is that this experience is a Hubitat issue not a Z-Wave issue, which based on what I have heard from the OLL team seems to be about right.

:crossed_fingers: same here

Looks like an amateur camera to me :crazy_face:

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Yeah I agree, I hope whoever took that did not pay a lot for the camera they used. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can get you a used one in 10-20 years. Delivery NOT included

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The BETA testing group has hinted that it is improved in the Blue Series, but you are 100% right… The choppiness of the dimming with Red/Black Series is annoying at best.

It looks like next week is going to be an announcement. There already is a product page with prices though. They are a bit expensive, but ehh, they seem like a great company to support.

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And now a setback stemming from delays in the UL certification process:

Early July release is the latest prediction… I just went and counted and I could use about 20 of these

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Pre-orders are open - I snagged two contractor packs to replace the zwave garbage I have now. Can’t wait until July…

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Do you know if there are any active coupon codes other than the free shipping?