Hubitat Autofit/NaN, smartly calibration, and Advanced Grid

Hubitat Autofit/NaN, smartly calibration, and Advanced Grid

There have been some changes, and confusion lately about how these functions interact, so I wanted to take a minute to explain what we are seeing. Please feel free to chime in with additional in sights.

To begin let’s explain some smartly grid basics.

  • smartly does not support the crude HE “auto fit”.
  • smartly uses device specific calibrations to make each screen fit properly.
  • smartly ‘regular’ grid should be set to a Column width of 135, and a Row height of 60.
  • smartly ‘advanced’ grid (AG) should be set to 66/22.

These settings are not mandatory, but you should understand how they are used in smartly before changing them. Changing these setting could result in an unwanted outcome. If you are having trouble please set them to 135/60 (60/22 for AG), and see if it resolves your issue.

Known issues if set to NaN/blank

  • smartly calibration settings will be overriding, and your at the mercy of HE “auto fit”. Auto fit will allow your dash to move side to side. Proper smartly calibration, without auto fit enabled, will prevent it.

  • when you processing your JSON, smartly will convert your dashboard to AG settings doubling the size of each tile, and increase the grid size to compensate. This will happen EVERY time your JSON is processed with NaN/blank. To avoid this put 135/60 in those fields before processing and then remove it after, not recommended.

specials thanks to @mark for showing me these obstacles, and helping me compile this post.