Home assistant questions

As a HA Noob, what does that mean?

There are four alternative for HA installations, ie OS, Container, Core and Supervised. One of the most popular ones will be OS and the complete installation will be managed by the team. As the one in CORE will be Container similar to Docker, it will miss the ability to include add-ons by the user.

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What does the Cloudflare add-on provide that you like?

Oh… with that I can use my own DNS for an encrypted connection to HA without opening any ports in the router.

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Even though you cannot use the simple add-on in Home Assistant you could still technically deploy it as a separate container and set it up that way. Example read here.

Is it possible to display a Home Assistant Card (in this case a thermostat) from a Node Red Dash? (This is just part of a home assistant dash)

Don’t think so but it is all in CSS so technically if you wanted you could build whatever you needed into the Node Red dash.

If you don’t want to do the above and your Node Red dash isn’t too complicated maybe, consider moving it into a Home Assistant one? There are some neat thermostat cards (which I am sure you have seen) that just drop straight into a HA dash. Here’s an example of the mushroom one I use on my mobile:


Thanks. Yes, I’m aware of the Home Assistant Dash. It’s great, but unorganised. This is the current thermostat that I’m using in HomeAssistant for my airconditioner.


It works well. All the controls work. I’m just hoping to import it into Node Red, since I have a large dashboard there. I may start the process to migrate to Home Assistant Dash.

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