Home assistant questions

I have homeassisant up and running and seems to be working fine. I saw @markus say that HACS is supported. I installed it and am trying to get a custom integration to run. Namely the toyota north america for connected vehicles.

I downloaded it through hacs and attempted to install through the homeassistant settings and get this error.


It seems obvious dont use the ui… does anyone have an idea how i could go about doing this within core?

side question - Is core running latest version of HA?

Also suggestions with how to feed the home assistant data into node red? Will this already be fed into MQTT or do I need to set this up in HA?

Ok google says I need to restart HA.

should I reboot the entire CORE?

Is there an easy command to simply restart the HA instance?

I don’t use that integration so I do not know the location for its configuration files, however you can use putty and your choice of editor to adjust any needed files directly.

You can find out what version of HA your currently running by going to settings then about from the HA web interface.

HA released an update on 8/6 which I do not believe had been integrated into core when they shipped.

I am currently running on the latest 8/6 version without issues, however manually updating is done at your own risk.

You can update to the latest version of Ha by running the following commands:

sudo oll-homeassistant --update
sudo oll-homeassistant --restart


sudo oll-homeassistant --restart


Seems all it wanted was to restart - in case others come along there is also a restart button in the settings within HA. The integration loaded up fine after the restart.

Now I have locked myself out of my account for a little while due too many bad attempts lol.

Thank you @RRodman for the prompt response. I will try to google a bit more before rapid firing questions here.

I have to say while the learning curve is a bit larger than I had hoped I am already having fun with my new toy. Thank you to the entire team who didnt give up and got these devices to us.


Awh. We can’t flatten that learning curve without you. Thanks to all for the positive energy and willingness to learn. Its been a great time so far and i look forward to working with all of you as we navigate all that is CORE together.


Does anyone have any thoughts on this. With soooo many options I find my self with decision paralysis on which ways to go. I know its about opinion and preferece. Since i have no experience here I have no opinion or prefrence. I would just like the easiest/cleanest way to get this data into node red. Seems like mqtt might be the way to do just about everything. Or is there a better way??

So just wondering if homeassistant is linked to the mqtt stuff already?

Sorry I missed that question earlier… There are nodes for NR that pull data in from HA. You can also usually configure things in HA to publish to MQTT.

In general I push everything into MQTT where possible, and then use Nodes or HA to interact with and display that data.

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Thank you @RRodman. Looks like I need to bite the bullet and figure out MQTT. It has always seemed a bit complex from my casual perusing.

Does anyone have a good article to help a noob to start understanding this topic?

Can anyone explain the structure of a mqtt basic setup? I see lots of terms like brokers and mosquito in addition to mqtt, I am not sure exactly what to configure and where.

In a bit when I get a bit of time (currently making some devices with esphome then have to make dinner) I’ll find and post some stuff related to mqtt, NR and HA to help get you better up to speed.


Thank you again. I just went through a mqtt for dummies article and believe I have the basic terminology figured out. If I understand correctly CORE is already running the broker.

Now I just need to figure out how to configure clients to pub/sub to it.

So for HA MQTT integration is actually really simple.

From the HA interface click settings and then devices and services

Click the blue Add Integration buttom in the bottom right corner and type mqtt in the pop-up and select MQTT

Then fill out your settings to match these (assuming MQTT and HA are both on your CORE) and press next.

It may or may not then ask you for Areas for some of your devices it detected via MQTT.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t detect anything at first, your devices may need to trigger after adding the integration before they appear.

Once devices are detected you will see the count under the integration increase, you may need to refresh the page to see the update.

If you click on devices it will take you to a list of all your devices, and you can click on any of the ones detected to see details about the devices.

If you click on the pencil next to the device name at the top of this screen you can rename the device, or assign it to an area within HA, under which it will appear on the default dash.

And thats all there is to the basics of MQTT integration with HA :wink:

I’ll still look for some good resources for you guys, but decided this was easiest way to get you running with HA/MQTT integrated


I think i setup it correctly. Some time later I am still not seeing any device populate despite having manually triggered several of them.


What am I missing this time?

Should I do the getting started mqtt step before this will work? I started down the line, I get to a instruction that says open mqtt explorer and am stopped.


I have no idea how to start mqtt explorer. When i initially read this i figured there would be a desktop shortcut - I do not see one.

I believe it can take a little while for the devices to come through… But my settings are the same. I also could not find the explorer app mentioned, but did not need it in the end.

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good info thank you

google says it is a universal client, I am thinking it was just used as an example? not sure…

ok ill be patient awhile longer - meanwhile i did a graceful shutdown and rebooted core. old habits and all that lol…

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The MQTT Explorer app is for your PC not CORE itself. It lets your browse your MQTT broker in realtime and see all the messages coming in.

MQTT explorer will require you set up an username and password for mosquitto per the docs, But I highly recommend getting it set up as it can help a lot with troubleshooting and setting up automations


Actually, now that I look I don’t see any devices in HA linked to MQTT either… I thought I did previously…

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Check these settings in Z2M

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I currently do not have either z stick plugged in. baby steps

All the device in HA are lan connected. Hue, my tv, my car and google speakers.

Will these devices be picked up?

Nor do I have zigbee2m enabled. Should I try to set it up?

That advanced setup did the trick, thanks @RRodman