Did you know about Home Assistant?

We mentioned before that we unlocked the bootloader. We were serious. That means that you can install Home Assistant on this little gem AND it will be able to use the built-in Zigbee and Z-Wave radios. How neat is that!? Although we prefer you use CORE services, and we surely want you curious about CORE. If you prefer, for example, Home Assistant then you’re not locked in. Actually, you could install what you want on it. It is a Debian based OS after all.

*Software support of other platforms is not included.

You didn’t miss that Node-RED was built in, right?

Advanced users can actually SSH in to CORE. Unleash your creativity.

Still on the fence about backing our campaign? Supporting us is risk free. What are you waiting for? Don’t forget about the referral contest. Terms and conditions apply.


Very cool - how much storage space is available on the CC (in case we might like to install some other stuff as well :wink:?).

The base model is a 32GB eMMC. Not all of that is available due to features implemented for stability. Roughly half.

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Nice - thanks! This thing is just looking better by the minute. You guys are real teasers! Now got to decide whether 1 is enough!


Thanks! First you should decide how many friends you’re going to share this with to get the second CORE from 10 referrals?
Just sayin’
No risk for backing us!

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Sad to say the limit in my social circle is google and alexa :pensive:.


I had a little argument with her yesterday, so I’d prefer you don’t drudge up that emotional scarring. Goo*le told me he couldn’t open my garage door AFTER it opened.

Well - like a little child Alexa sometimes needs to be told twice to do something.

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Oh, does that mean that a “pro” model will be available?


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We had planned a model with a 64GB eMMC. Due to the chip shortage, we don’t have a guaranteed supply of that size. If it becomes available before manufacturing starts, we may offer an upgrade to current backers if there is enough interest.


+1 (interested!)

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+2 (interested)

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+4 (interested).





I have tried HA briefly, but thought it was too complex so ended up in HE. What is the sales pitch of the core over Home Assistant? What are the benefits of your HW over the HA blue for example?

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

I’m not going to get into why my bike is better than yours, but let’s visit the facts.

  • Our system is modular. So, updates don’t break things.
  • The number of supported devices is in the thousands.
  • Everything can be completely off line including updates.
  • There are no back doors in to the system.
  • The system doesn’t call home.
  • The UI is ingenious.

This is all in the campaign including the specs. There is also a video in the campaign outlining a preview of logic engine and built-in tools.

Our model is open source supportive including giving back to projects and is customer minded. That means we will continue to listen to our users. The way our system is written, updates can be very easily made and features can be added without a rewrite.

The bootloader is unlocked.

Oh, and you can run Home Assistant on CORE. And you don’t have to buy additional radios. The hardware in CORE is compatible with Home Assistant.

And can I add that the system never fails to amaze me? And I was there beginning at concept. What else is there?
We are not a hub. We are CORE.


From my perspective it’s about the ease of integrating disparate platforms. If the CC is 100% seamless in this regard (as is claimed) then it will be quite unique .


Ain’t it great?

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