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No politics, no favorites. Just radical inclusion.

THrough the combination of Oh-La LABS development and the adoption of leading-edge open-source projects, at last glance we have around 2300 supported devices and counting. Our focus is not just getting devices on a list, but to ensure they work. The improvements we make are shared back to the projects we adopt. Period.


Including the dreaded xiaomi devices?

We don’t dread them. They will work better. They may not be perfect, but they will be close. Our developers have taken into account the incorrect routing messages that they put out and the system also responds to all messages. Troubled devices have been sort of a priority for us.

That being said, we will make every effort to optimize troubled devices. A couple of us do have them running with very little issue at this point.


I think these sort of devices (including Tuya type devices) will be the future of a lot of smart homes. I think they will be popular as they perform well for the price.


question about the centralite dual zigbee/zwave plugs. I have heard these devices may have a zigbee command to activate the zwave pairing side. Any chance such a thing is possible with the core?

Along the same lines, how do those plugs, namely Iris 3210-L/L2, work on the Core? I know that the Zigbee side is very good, but the Z-Wave side was very hit and miss on HE. Any better luck when using the Core?

I own 8 of these. We haven’t addressed them … yet. But we will.


hows about tts / announcement devices? Is there plans for this?

Also Google and Echo integrations - will they be full featured or just functionally basic?

Though I imagine the built in node-red integration should make this simple now that I typed the thought out…

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I think you’re right with this.
I just bought one of these to try on HE and I quite like the design. Quite a small device that can be fitted on ceilings and walls.
I have it working in HE with a custom driver that is throwing an error but is working ok so I’ve decided to put blinkers on and ignore the error.

I’m wondering if we can politely ask if certain devices are going to be included or whether we can provide early fingerprints etc. to get them included.
Either way I’m sure @markus will do all he can as he did with the Xiaomi/Aqara devices.

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