Device Support ~ Anything Goes

Yes! Please say yes!

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I certainly hope that they allow users to explicitly define the TYPE of device they want represented.

IOW, if I have a FAN hooked up to an on/off switch, I need to be able to tell them that it is a FAN and not a LIGHT BULB. :slight_smile:

Same goes for about whatever else I have.


Like my box fan powered through a plug-in dimmer.

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We will have something, but it depends on the stat. This will probably be something that will be added post launch. Made possible by a Logic Engine template.

This will ABSOLUTELY be available. It’s on our roadmap for right around shipping time or in an update after. Some things are difficult to commit a timeframe, but be assured that it’s on our radar.

Maybe, while we have tested running dual meshes on one CORE and it works, it may not be an ideal thing to do. Although, if we allow it, it will be limited to specific models.
Conbee works differently than what we have designed for. We will not support Conbee because of how it works. It is not an exact equivalent to what we use. It could cause problems. Save yourself the headache and get two CORE. It will do so much more than you think.

Yes, that is the intention. We are working out the details on this. It’s complicated to make it user friendly. This might take some time, but we’re on it.


Along those same lines, and I know this is much more complicated than categorizing a switch as a fan, but being able to categorize an Alexa shared device as a speaker would be awesome. IIRC if you can say it is a speaker, it opens that device up to everything that any other alexa speaker or Sonos speaker might do on the platform, such as automatically playing to that device when you ask for music to be played.

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Any thoughts on the Tado range of devices?
I currently have a thermostat controlled by a custom driver on HE.

I believe Markus and I have discussed this. His only worry is that he doesn’t have a device to test immediately. We frequently discuss stats as they’re important to a lot of people. It’s safe to say that we’ll make this work since we’re able to integrate with Homekit. I’m not sure if it’ll be right out of the box, but since you can integrate your existing hub to CORE, you won’t lose functionality because CORE can control it through your existing environment. It’ll just make it easier to move your devices incrementally as you go.

You have to kind’ve stop weighing compatibility so heavily. If for some reason it’s not immediately doing what you want, leave it where it is for the time being. It will still work with CORE. It’s not a hub, it’s an ecosystem that’s meant to give you one cohesive place to control your smart home. The compatibility lists consist of devices that can be directly connected to CORE. Since there are so many devices out there, it’s terribly difficult to confirm that something will definitely work. We know what is compatible. What was tested and entered into our tables and programmed. Most things just work 100%. If something doesn’t give the features you need and they’re available, we’ll figure it out. I guarantee that. Until then, you have your existing environment to work as a controller with the commands coming from CORE. There will obviously be some outliers in our environment, but we’re up to the challenge.
“There is no ‘can’t’. Only ‘won’t’ or ‘don’t know how’.” ~Markus

Well that will do for me. :+1:
I appreciate that at day 1 no doubt there will a number of devices that will not be compatible but from the various threads I’ve read it appears you will get there with most things.

I like the sound of that.

I must admit I’m looking forward to receiving the ‘CORE’ and the fact that it will open up more devices and types natively without having to use work rounds.

Us Brits will have a new set of switches and dimmers available to us. :wink: