[DEAL] Lutron Pico Remote - Black $20

I do not usually get adventurous and try unknown sites to get deals. I however came across these black pico remotes for $16.08. I have never seen these priced so low (the white ones can always be had cheap, but black is usually pricey). So I rolled the dice and ordered 5. All in I paid slightly less than $100 delivered. IMO a pretty good buy at less than $20 apiece. I have waited to post until they arrived, which they did today. Brand new in packaging. It took 12 days to deliver. I got nervous 4 or 5 days in when I had not recieved an update, so I called. Much to my surprise a real person who spoke english picked up the phone on the third ring. He confirmed that they were waiting to receive the products for shipping.

P.S. How would i go about creating a “deals” tag?

All in all a pretty good roll of the dice for me.

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ahh I actually had to search for it first - thank you my friend…

and also thanks for the reminder, there does seem to be a egg piece there as well…

Not that I have any idea what it means lol

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Sweet deal thanks for sharing!

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Yeah, I haven’t a clue where it fits either. :unamused:

I thought so. With any luck a few people will find it useful.

Just as a follow up. I opened one and included it just to confirm functionality. The device is working great just like my other picos…