Forum Re-Organization and Tags!

Hi Guys,

As I’m sure you have already noticed I have restructured our forum categories and subcategories in the hopes of making things more intuitive and streamlined.

This new structure eliminates the need, for example, to have a node-red sub category under 3 different categories…

But Rob, how are we going to find specific platform or device based information now without resorting to the search functions?

I’m glad you asked :wink:

Whenever you go into a category you may have noticed a small navigation bar above the post list. This handy little bar gives you access to a powerful feature known as tags!

Let’s all try it together!

First We’ll head over to the new “Automation Central” Category. When we first arrive it should look something like this:

If you click on the image button and then select zigbee you will notice that the topics list now only shows you topics related to zigbee for that category, this works for subcategories, or all categories site wide.


So that just leaves one question… How do I tag my posts to ensure they are easily found?

Thankfully this is probably the simplest thing of all. When creating a new post there is a field at the top that says “optional tags” simple put any words into this field, separated by commas, that apply to your post! If a tag doesn’t exist yet, simple click to create it! a27

That’s all there is to it!

Happy posting and Hunting :smiling_imp:


Hunting you say…

We all know anything i post gets analyzed like it was a potential SETI signal :stuck_out_tongue:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The gears are already grinding at your previous post haha. you really burned something in there with what first appears to be a new method.

FYI, I do not believe normal users have permissions to create new tags:

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The trust level settings for tags had been changed, not sure how, but it should be resolved now.