Collective Core vs Homey Pro?

Some obvious differences in CC vs Homey Pro (price, for one), but a LOT of similarities, too. Curious to know how CC is thinking of competing against this polished-looking offering from our Canadian neighbors:


Yeah I saw it too, didn’t look much into it yet, but it looks also “non-cloud” focused.


The waiting list is pretty extent if you didn’t pull the trigger immediately at launch in October 2022. I think that just a few weeks ago they started the delivery in Europe. Actually the origin is the Netherlands despite the link to Canada. And yes… runs completely local apart from the usual other services you might add down the road.

Expensive sure, but let’s see if it lives up to the hype… otherwise it will be returned! Just need to get my hands on the device first!! :wink:

For that price and until deeper insigths, I would explore sonoff’s one. I would be cirious to understand if It Is all proprietary

Do you mean this one?

I know… it is a sickness!! :roll_eyes:

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The Homey Pro 2023 has prospects technically and some nicely rounded features already included. But they almost all have long standing niggles and the hardware price is very high. It has a way to go. A nice UI though but poor dashboard (if that is an important feature to you)

The issue I have is that Athom are a very non communicative company and ignore requests and bug reports repeatedly. They have negligible participation in their own forum. The product is also very closed in architecture although it has a decent API. They do not release general API keys to this very often meaning no one else can use your apps.

The Homey Bidge now called ‘Homey’ is very well priced but totally cloud based and mere users are not permitted to author apps for it and it is subscription based. Despite including an Ethernet interface it can’t use this locally for any automation control. It is solely provided for cloud connection. But ZWave and ZigBee are local by necessity. IMHO That particular product is indeed a lame duck.

The Collective Core has all the right ideas and hardware and indeed software ‘so far’ but just lacks software development resource for the significant parts of the product still to be offered. Support is timely and excellent though. I hope OhLaLa Labs can move beyond the current rather stagnant development and get a product that is more complete and can at last finish beta status and become widely appreciated and used


:face_vomiting::face_vomiting:. Me too

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My Homey Pro arrived last week.

Because they were not in the US in a meaningful way the issue I am having is that not a lot of US brands are supported. I’m hoping this changes over time.

That’s interesting, I thought because they are in the market for some time this would not be an issue.

Hmm… sounds like they built their own zigbee and zwave gateways from scratch, then. Not interested…

Interesting… sounds a little like a paradox to HE, where the situation will be quite the opposite! Yet again, the largest user base will be in Europe whereas North America just was added at the time for the introduction of Homey (i.e. the crappy one, only to be used with the cloud). Now for the Homey Pro, this market is brand new and one only can hope that it matures over time.

I’m not that technically inclined to determine if they are using own gateways or not, what I’ve seen though is that the radios will be 700 series and 3.0 and that there are a lot of community created device drivers, but these are called Apps and should be installed depending of need.

Do you mean brands or actual devices. I suspect most will work OK with other name drivers.

They will be using standard radio chipsets… they’re not going to customise those

By brands I meant devices from Lutron, MyQ, Ring, etc. By devices I mean zigbee and zwave devices from Inovelli and Zooz.

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One of the issues here is that Innovelli and Lutron do not offer their product range in Europe

I’m sure the iHost will also face a similar problem.

ihost: I got one just to fill the long wait with OLL.
I believe zigbee should be based on the same technology as their dongles.
However, I recognize that a proprietary gateway takes a long time to achieve good stability and a sufficiently large base of devices. I wonder if it’s based on mqtt…

After you have played with it for enough time, I would be interested in learning how well it integrates with zwave-js-ui (running from a docker container). I’ve seen previous videos of it integrating seamlessly with an eWeLink container, and I would like to know if the same level of integration if possible with zwave devices. Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately I have no zwave devices.

Thanks anyway…

I’m looking to a start doc. It seems you have not fine control over many characteristics (e.g. zigbee channels). I still have no idea about how-to-get add-on as node-red. What I fear is it requires an ewelink account (it is not clear to me)