Calling All Testers

OK guys. It’s time. We’ve got a few more things to button up, but we’re at a point that it’s time for vetting.

A few things you’ll need to know before you get involved:

You will need to purchase CORE.

With Eli out on personal matters, the UI has been entirely removed for now. With the rework due to shortages, it was better not to include it. We’ve added a LOT of things. So, to be clear, we’re mainly looking at hardware and usability for now.

That being said, I would like you to be comfortable with Node-RED, SSH and Debian. Note the word “like”. It’s ok if you’re not. Newer users are welcome.

If you’re still in, please PM me bragging yourselves up. The first run could be limited. Remember, I also want people who “don’t know jack”.

Testers will be provided with the rest of the details including price and timeframes.

Carry on.


Nice! I needed some good news to start the day, so thank you!

I have a few questions for you.

Does the CORE currently have all functionality you would ship with it if it was released to market today (except the UI)?

There are a few “supported devices” threads in the forum from back in May/June. I presume all supported devices mentioned in those threads are supported, and given the time elapsed since, even more devices are now supported?

How would you support your testers? Would it be through PMs and/or a beta testers’ section on the forum? Is documentation available for self help?

You mention Node-RED. Is this because some devices are not supported natively in CORE, but are through Node-RED, or is it because Node-RED is a mandatory, core component of the CORE?

I presume SSH is mentioned as it is the means of connectivity to CORE without the UI?

Debian knowledge is required because CORE is based on it and without the UI we’d have to be familiar with Debian to navigate it?

What sort of commitment are you looking for from the beta testers? Are you expecting them to fully migrate from their existing HA platforms and commit themselves to CORE or are you happy for them to leave CORE as a dev hub with a few devices connected to it? I can of course see that from your point of view, the more CORE is used by the beta tester, the better :slight_smile:


Yes. It is equivalent to our B2B unit. However, we have added more functionality to consumer units at this point.

Device support is not an issue.

There is a testers’ section that is available by invite only. Documentation and self-help are being actively worked on.

Node-RED is necessary for automation access for now. Because we’ve removed our UI from the mix, we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. Node-RED will be a native option even after our UI is available. We have created example flows for the new user. Not to mention, because many users in home automation are familiar with it, it seemed like the obvious choice of substitution for now.

Knowledge is preferred as there are certain advanced components and access that will be available to our testers. This is on a need to know basis.

We do not expect anyone to abandon an already functioning system. Dive in as much as you’d like. We want to flush out bugs, get user input and usage. We’re asking that testers are actively and constructively taking part in discussions about improvements, enhancements, and functionality. If you’re going to connect one or two devices and leave it, I’d reconsider applying. We’d like testers to work towards dedicating a reasonable piece of their environment. I understand that this will not happen overnight.

Although I’m a bit biased, I’m running my entire environment on CORE. 70 Zigbee, 50 Z-Wave and 34 Wi-fi devices. My environment includes a Z-Wave Schlage BE468 and 2 Alfred Z-Wave locks. My locks hit every time. My environment has never been faster or more stable. Should you choose to move everything over, we’d be flattered, but it’s not required.

Just to be clear of one very specific expectation. This is not an opportunity for a “who’s is better” discussion. So, I will expect any discussions of competing products and comparisons to be well researched and unbiased. Every platform out there offers a different experience. This is an opportunity to help us make this a better environment for you. For us to make it possible for you to integrate what you have. To make it all-inclusive.


I may be jumping the gun here but will beta testers get the UI before general release? My guess is that you’ll want to have it beta tested too.

You would be correct, sir. :wink:

Can I buy Core from Canada?

Shouldn’t be a problem. It might cost you a bit in shipping from the US, but I get the feeling you don’t care.

I am expecting nothing more than AliExpress pricing :rofl:

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… with the same delivery time … Just in Time for the Mark II model :grinning:

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Who knows if this is going to replace my integrations but it’s new tech so…kinda have to try it :joy:. I don’t know if anything I’m missing in hubitat minus the dumb rule machine update that broke a lot of stuff.

This. The incessant changes to RM, and the fact you can’t use any new functionality on old rules, is such a pain. Can you imagine if other software companies said you had to recreate your files every time they updated their software?!?! It’s nonsense.The introduction of hub variables because variables weren’t created as proper objects in the first place has been a complete and utter debacle.I’ve basically given up on RM now and moved as many rules as possible across to Node Red.


For over a year now because it’s much faster as well as all the reasons you cite.

You mean everyone shouldn’t be forced to recreated all their Excel and Word documents every couple years?!?! Could you imagine? :rofl: Hell even working in IT, and potentially profiting from it, I wouldn’t want that headache.

Sounds like I’m very lucky I made that switch over a year ago.

If you need any help transitioning the remaining I’d be happy to give it a shot. I have not found any RM rules that could not be done in NR (some I did need NR guru help with).

I don’t have any RM rules and my house if fully functional. Go figure

At one time I had 6 ‘production’ hubs and never EVER installed RM :slight_smile:



I was one of the original backers and was looking forward to receiving a ‘CORE’ unit.
I’m not doubting on here peoples experiences because I’m sure they are real.
I just hope that this forum doesn’t become an area for people to vent their frustrations with HE. Personally I believe it should be kept on the HE forum.

Just my 2 pence worth and I genuinely hope CORE becomes a success. I will be signing up for one when general production starts.
Have a good day peeps. :slight_smile:


See my response post to Mattias:

there was a little blurb of a complaint, but I’ll let that one slide, but mudslinging will be shut down immediately. Not the time or the place.


That’s nice to hear April. I was just making a point as things can easily get side tracked in discussions.
I’m looking forward to future developments and the success of your new venture.


Yup, covered that pretty much out of the gate. There’ll always be that comparison either here or there, but right now that drives pins a bit too deeply to be even remotely acceptable. Losing contact with the community was difficult for me as I had lots of good experiences and great friends there. Those who have stuck around certainly understand my point of view on this subject.

Can’t talk you in to taking that test drive? Just think. It’ll be an opportunity to get your two pence in on what really counts right now.


Hmmm. :thinking:
I must admit when I read the title of the thread I did think ‘at last’!!! Let’s go.

Then I read the above and thought that is not me. Would it be a step to far?
You did follow up up with…

but the first statement did discourage me a bit.

My knowledge is very limited but I’m a ‘poke and hoper’ and can sort of muddle through to get where I want.

I suppose that would make me an ideal candidate for you to give feedback as a novice user of the above.

PM me with and we can see where we go from there.
I’m in the UK if that matters.