[ARCHIVE][smartly] ‘quarter height’ and ‘half width’ tiles HOWTO

DEPRECATED - Now included with SMARTLY! Follow the NEW instructions here: [smartly] BASIC 135/60 to ADVANCED 60/22 grid conversion instructions

Now that SMARTLY-INJECT enables drag-and-drop, we created a process to automatically convert your grid to ADVANCED (aka ‘quarter height/half width’)

Below is the OP on the subject that you might be interested in.

‘quarter height’ tiles in smartly

HALF HEIGHT - Stock smartly row height is 60px. We call this ‘half-height’ because at 1x height, it will show a one line title, the icon, and a secondary value like battery or temperature. When you set a tile to 2x height, it makes a square. Two halves make a whole.

QUARTER HEIGHT - Setting row height to 22px will make your 1x height tiles ‘quarter-height’… showing just the title. You’ll then have to make those tiles 2x height to bring them back to the size of a smartly stock ‘half height’ tile. Two quarters make a half.

THE ORIGINAL SMARTLY 3/4 HEIGHT - With your row height set at quarter-height, you now have the option of setting a tile to be 3x height, which will make them the OG smartly 3/4 height. And, based on that math, 4x height will make them a square.

Also, when using ‘quarter-height’ row height, the 1x height ‘title-only’ could still be useful, as it still shows the device name and the status color.


When using ‘quarter-height’ row height in smartly (22px):

  • 1x height is ‘title-only’, showing the device name and the status color.
  • 2x height is great for anything where it only requires an icon (requires a single line short/shortened title).
  • 3x height is great for anything you’d like to also show the status text for under the icon (or just to be rad AF).
  • 4x height is for anything with a slider or otherwise requires a full height tile.

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Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 9.00.35 AM

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‘half width’ tiles in smartly

WARNING: depending on your knowledge of math, ‘FORCE 2 COLUMNS WIDE’ calibration in smartly may produce unexpected results when using ‘half width’ column width.

STOCK / FULL WIDTH - Stock smartly column width is 135px. It has enough space to fit most anything widthwise except ‘thermostat’ tiles, or any 3rd party tile that requires a lot of real estate. This is the smartly default.

HALF WIDTH - Setting column width to 60px will make your 1x width tiles ‘half-width’. This will normally crush the tile into an unintelligible mess. Any title that’s longer than 4-5 characters will need to be hidden with CSS, secondary values (like battery % or temperature) will be overlapping, underlapping and otherwise sprayed over the tile like a bug on a windshield.

You’ll then have to make those tiles 2x width to bring them back to the size of a smartly stock ‘full width’ tile. Two halves make a whole.


When using ‘half-width’ column width in smartly (60px):

  • 1x width, if title is shortened to 4-5 characters AND secondary values removed via CSS, on the most basic tile it will show status color, the shortened title and an icon.
  • 2x width is what you’ll have to painstakingly set 99% of your other tiles to in order to have them be usable.

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