Aqara FP1 Motion Sensor (Splitfrom Aqara HIgh precision)

eeeeert … wait …
wrong device. We have the P1’s not the high precision one. Two different devices.

One more possibile alternative.
Much cheaper.


Potentially quicker too! Have ordered one to play with… thanks!

Ha ! I was just coming here to post the same article you did. I got the mains powered one on it’s way.
Now to cut a hole in the ceiling and run power before the wife gets wise.

This is the one:

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These exist with different frequencies, 5.8GHz seem to be standard, but exist with others as well. Which one did you guys order?

AFAIK based on the linked datasheet, it is 5.8GHz. The chip is a MR5G21 and author claims it’s more accurate & faster than FP1. Now whether he makes money off his article for saying that, I will find out once I get the item.

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Ok, I think I’ll order one of these, not certain it’s support in z2m yet.

@nutcracker did you get the exact same one?

Article author claims it’s supported in Z2M fully, but not ZHA, however we know Tuya and their many firmware variations of the same product

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yeah, that’s always so much fun :stuck_out_tongue: We’ll see, if it is not supported out-of-the-box it’ll be an easy fix regardless.

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Mine should be that too.

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Yes believe it’s the same via Aliexpress. Not due to arrive until the end of the month.
(wall mount zigbee version)

Does the ceiling one have the votage converter inside or is it a power brick? I like the ceiling version better but I would much rather use standard usb 5v than adding outlets in the attic.

I got the mains powered ceiling mount version. It has an internal voltage converter, just hook hot & Neutral. Easier to hide the wires for me, as I have an unused ceiling box

Which is the exact diameter of the needed hole?

Damn! I made a wrong order. Arrived the wifi version…

Oh bugger…!

I’m hoping I’ve ordered the right one now! It should have landed in the UK yesterday so hopefully not too long to wait…
(mind you, Royal Mail are on strike for the next few days! :roll_eyes:)

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