Tuya High Precision

Incredibile price as low as 18.59 euros!

€ 18,59 40%di SCONTO | ZigBee Wifi MmWave sensore di movimento di presenza umana con luminanza/rilevamento della distanza 5/110/220V Tuya Smart Life domotica

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Gosh! It Is the hub and not the sensor !!!
Misleading Title.

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THAT really gets my goat on Aliexpress. I often submitted complaints, but they could not care any less. There are thousands of fake price ads “bait and switch” and I refuse to buy from those sellers who use deception to draw us in.

This was the one I got. It was the lowest price(~34.xx USD) I could find, came with a US power adapter to supply the 12volts DC needed to power the device. Other devices can take 110-220 volt AC, but not my model linked above. The device works well but is chatty as hell


2 msgs per second…

Just an idea: can chattyness be mitigated by a sw update? I have to check if I have a Tuya hub…

Without looking at the particulars of the device in the z2m repo, in general when it comes to Tuya the only way to “easily” find all settings for a device once all known and (tuya) standard ways have been tested, is with an updated Tuya hub and a zigbee sniffer. With that information improving the z2m converter is made much easier. Even without the sniffer, just checking what settings are available once paired with a tuya hub can give a good idea of what is possible.

Found a Tuya hub. Updated to latest sw release. Binded the sensor to the Tuya hub. Updated sensor sw. The settings are the same of the Z2M version.
(BTW, max distanzce has the label centimeters, but It has to bec red meters)

Rejoined the sensor to CORE.
Still chatty.

Unfortunately not enough information in that to know how the report interval is set, it would be necessary to see zigbee traffic logs from a sniffer. If you don’t have one, maybe there’s someone who has already captured it, what’s the exact model of the device?

Unfortunately my old dongle does’nt work anymore.
The model is ts0601_smart_human_presence_sensor

One more strange behaviour. After a while (One hour ?) the sensor stuck to presence=true. To enable It again you must pull off the Power plug or change any setting in z2m. Anyone got this behaviour?

Still early days in my testing but yes I believe I had to power cycle the unit before the presence would update properly.

I suspect the excess of messages is somehow blocking/engulfing the sensor.