And So It Begins


We at Oh-La LABS are excited to announce the official campaign launch for the Collective CORE. We’ve listened to your thoughts and ideas and packaged them neatly into an all-inclusive environment. You are officially invited to join us as an early bird backer and be part of our journey. Smarthubs, meet something much more.


You got your first backer. Me! Just pre-ordered the twin pack. Good luck with the project!


I was wondering who beat me !
Guess I am not the only who doesn’t sleep.

Wait … Sleep?

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#11 here!

Have gone for one hub for now!

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Can these Collective Core’s be networked together similar to how Hubitat has done it or do we go through Node-Red?

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Actually I am still in bed. But it’s 13.55 here ha ha ha. Hung over from a dinner evening with friends here in Thailand :grin:

Good Q - I have two of them at the mo but wonder if I should get two CORE

All prices show hkd. What is it in dollars?

Well … now that you mention it … Why YES! But it’s much sexier. :kiss:
Nothing to do on your end to make this happen. CORE finds them for you. No additional apps or additional complicated steps. It just works. And you get one UI. Smarthubs - meet CORE
So much more.

Pssst … future plans for load sharing are in the blender.


We will take a look at that, but if you create an account, you will be able to see the conversion.

Actually, you should be able to see the conversion

ok now you got me really jealous
I spend a lot of time in Vietnam with my wife’s family but stuck in Canada now due to covid.
Will retire there eventually someday.
Thailand was always one of my favorite destinations backpacking in a hut on the beach.


Yes you are correct i went back to the first page. No where on the order page did i see the conversion (including the shipping). All orderd now. I feel better.

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I’m getting the feeling this is a properly thought through solution (both hardware and software/architecture) designed and built by professionals who know what they are doing. You know…compared with you know who…

For example, with specific reference to my own experiences “over there”…

  • a modern UI framework, no excuses about how hard this is to do
  • optimised for performance on a hardware spec that makes sense
  • remote vpn access built in… Ok, I could probably get it working on my existing setup but it’s irritating to have to do it long-hand
    -… which leads to not having to pay a subscription for remote hub support (if I understand this correctly) which just feels right/fair to me
  • nice UI on the rules engine and ability to up/download in industry standard Json format
  • Node-RED built in, again less hassle to set up an advanced environment
  • etc
  • and finally was surprised by the low price. I really honestly expected it to be more.

These are my reasons why, although I’m not unhappy with my HE hubs, I’m backing this to the CORE :smiley:


2 for me… can’t wait and hurry and ship them :rofl::rofl:


Yeah, it’s great. Vietnam I love too. Spent quite a lot of time there over the last few years. The only thing I would caution you with is that living in these “paradise” South East Asian countries is very different from holidaying there. Like anywhere they have “issues” which are sometimes very hard to cope with. My wife is local so that helps hugely. Anyway, many other forums for these discussions, sorry :rofl:


OK, changed to two hubs! :smiley:

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CORE? You bought two CORE? :wink:
Smarthubs → Meet CORE.

#24 here from the UK!
All the best with the campaign…

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