An update

First off, my apologies for the delay on updates. I definitely dropped the ball on that one.

CORE: We are moving forward with debugging and adding drivers and functionality. We meet daily to work on development.

As I mentioned before, we’ve been working on developing some DIY KITS that will work with CORE and other existing platforms. As each kit reaches advanced prototype stage, we will share the information with you.

Our intention is to take home automation to the next level. We’ve identified several gaps where local home automation solutions lack in availability.

The first of several kits that we have developed is a pressure sensor application. On top of posting a project in the community, we’ve taken this a step further and developed a board called Thorny Devil with optional wired motion sensors and pressure sensor connections, and two dry contacts.

The use case for this would include, but not be limited to: bed presence, changing table presence, couch/chair presence, garage door open/close automations with perhaps … car presence? This is the short list of things this board can do. Sound interesting? We sure think so.

Photos and specs will be released in the coming weeks as I finish up the documentation.

The one thing we’re still hashing out is if this will be sold with Zigbee or Wi-fi. They’re interchangeable modules. What are your thoughts?


The pressure sensor sounds great. One of the few gaps in my smart home that I just have not gotten around to yet. I don’t have a preference either way for Zigbee or WiFi (assuming WiFi is Tasmota). If I had to choose though, I think it would be for Zigbee, but honestly, I have had great luck with Tasmota and if one is cheaper than the other, I would go with that one. However if the Zigbee module also would support CHoIP/Matter, like with Innovelli’s new Blue line, then that might sway me for “future proofing” whatever that means these days… :upside_down_face:

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I was wondering when we would get an update. :slight_smile:

My vote is for zigbee.


:+1: I’m also in favor of Zigbee.

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I have a hub, so ZigBee for me. But if I was to set something up for someone without a hub, then Wi-Fi. So… both? :man_shrugging:

Are these switches (input) or relays (output) or either/or?
Either way, yay!! The world needs more dry contacts.

While I’m wishing, how about a ZigBee version of this:

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I wasn’t kidding. The same board that will tell you if your kid is in bed can tell you if your car is in the garage or open/close your garage door because it detected that the door was open/closed. ← Go big or go home?

My current setup votes Zigbee.

However, what does the future look like? I wonder if the best path forward is built-in WiFi, plus the option of adding your own (or, available as an additional-cost option at purchase :wink: ) USB stick for Zigbee.

Point being, I think you need all three, and I have zero qualms about adding sticks to the ‘box.’

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Zigbee. My 2.4 wifi is slowly getting saturated with the increasing number of devices that are connected to it.


One word: Unifi


It is a unifi! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I should clarify though - it isn’t running out of bandwidth but the channel utilisation is getting past 50%. In contrast the 5Ghz side is only 11%.

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Perhaps we should visit your settings? Out of curiosity, how many devices are you running?

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prob around 40. Some of it is due to a bunch of rtsp cameras so constantly streaming! Also a bit of cross channel interference which is to be expected in urban areas + I’m running a few extenders as unfortunately the unifi pro has pretty poor range when your home is made of all brick!

But back on topic - what pressure sensors could be used for the new board?

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The pressure sensors that were mentioned in the project are definitely working.

There are others that will work I can’t think of them off the top of my head. I’d say that if you find something, check with us. If they’re a variable resistance sensor, they should work. Clear as mudd?

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Thread for radios. Skip Zigbee (if not upgradable) and Wifi. Based on Apple’s and Amazon’s progress Thread and CHIP really do seem to be the way forward.

Another suggestion for an add-on. A universal remote that isn’t half-baked. Tight integration between remote and controller is how Control4, Savant, RTI etc. deliver high-quality user experience. (IMO the Sofabaton X1 looks half-baked.)

One of the second tier primarily dealer automation system companies is looking to create their own remote. It looks OK, but I think there is room for competition. One of their key device issues, like Sofabaton, is the lack of hard number keys.

Can I ask what you mean by this. :slight_smile:
The reason I’m asking is all my current devices are zigbee and z-wave and if I have interpreted your response correctly then all my current devices would be redundant if I were to move over to CORE. If CORE did not support zigbee the I wouldn’t bother considering it as a lot of my current devices would be redundant.
I’m probably missing what you are getting at but thought I would ask.
Again, not trying to be confrontational but a genuine question.
Thanks. :+1:

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Here’s a decent explainer. Thread is similar to Zigbee, but more modern and resilient. And Matter (the new name for CHIP) will not likely be brought to Zigbee. Devices with Thread radios are now being sold, seemingly mostly for Apple ecosystem. Note that they are not yet using Matter “language”, Thread can speak multiple “languages”, apparently at the same time.

I think most of the newer Zigbee chipsets can also do Thread, but I’m not sure if they can do both at the same time.

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Ok … so you mentioned remote. Please elaborate on that. A remote to interface with CORE? A wi-fi based remote using MQTT and/or ESP Home Native API?

The Zigbee chip family that we will be using for our kits as well as CORE can support Matter/Thread by changing firmware. You cannot run both simultaneously. You will have to choose between the two in the kits. We will have support for a second chip to support both on CORE.

Or just buy a second hub? :grin:


Yes, a remote to interface with CORE.

I have a Control4 system (along with a few others). The place where it excels compared to any DIY system is with AV control. Harmony got about 80%+ of the way there. One reason that C4 and other dealer systems do well here because their controllers have a much better idea of states of devices. There is a space in the market for a Harmony replacement and something that works better. See: Sofabaton, YIO, Allonis all going Kickstarter to fund their devices.

These dealer systems often still use wired serial connection to the equipment as the IP interfaces are still often not as functional. I believe that Amazon in particular is pushing the AV companies to implment Matter. That should make the market larger (no cables) and easier to develop (if Matter works).

From a design perspective, as I implied before, I like buttons. My favorite was/is the Harmony Companion. Sleek, slim, buttons well laid out. easy to push without looking, My Control4 SR260 is OK. The keypad isn’t as well laid out and the button area is just slightly too large to control in 1 hand without re-positioning your hand. But I like it better then the C4 Neeo, which is a touch screen with minimal buttons.

From a technical standpoint the Control4 hard button/text status remote uses Zigbee and their touch screen remote uses Wifi. The more you can do without Wifi the better IMO. The less graphical content the less Wifi is useful. I don’t really care the language that a remote would speak to CORE.

I think this makes some sense with chip shortages and the hubless/border router architecture of Thread. CORE will still be able to control Thread devices as long as there is a border router and CORE has a Matter interface (I think).


I second that!