Zigbee in-wall outlet Sale

$36.50 - Enbrighten Zigbee Smart Light Outlet Receptacle

EDIT: reposted

I’ve had a good experience with this receptacle… used in an outdoor (not approved) environment and protected by a low-cost outlet cover on my deck. I do have the outlet on a dedicated circuit with GFI breaker, so I feel ok about using this receptacle outside. 10 months and heat/cold don’t seem to have had an impact… I guess time will tell if multiple seasonal changes lead to lifetime issues.

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I have a similar setup with an addtional Inovelli switch to control a lamp post light in a 2 gang waterproof bubble. The Zigbee outlet is there mainly to relay my ZB network to the Gate house. The gate house has another outlet that controls the entry arm, and most importantly a ZB outlet to control holiday lights in the front yard.

All of this run behind a GIF in the garage. Like @epw the setup has been working for about a year without any issues. Not an endorsement, play at your own peril. :rofl: