Zigbee digital input module

I currently use a bunch of Arduino and ESP boards for wired motion sensors, smoke alarms etc. I’m looking for a Zigbee module that I’d be able to replace these boards with that ideally would have a lot of inputs per module. Has anyone seen anything like this that might work with Core?

Not familiar with anything like that supported by zigbee2mqtt with more than 2-4 inputs. I’d guess you’d pay significantly for such a niche product if it does exist.

If you stick with the diy route, I have seen this project that can build firmware for the Ti ZigBee modules with support for 8 gpios

Alternatively, but not ZigBee, are the konnected.io boards

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Yes, I have also been thinking about Konnected being an option. I’d have up to 12 GPIOs on a single board there, and hardwired as well, which I supposed would be even better than Zigbee.

I don’t really need it to be Zigbee, I just don’t want it to be ZWave or WiFi.

@april.brandt , I presume Konnected wouldn’t be supported out of the box on Core, or would it?

Konnected is on my list of devices, so I hope it gets support. I use it for window inputs as well as the HVAC blower running and static pressure inputs.

I guess you can also load ESPhome onto the Konnected board, and use mqtt and NodeRed as well.

We hadn’t had anything Konnected to test with. Looks like we’ll be putting in some time on those devices. If you’re willing to work with us and have patience, we’ll do what we can to make them work. If you don’t own any, please hold off on getting them until we have some progress.
That is all.
Carry on.

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I would suggest you reach out to Konnected. They provide their own drivers and app for HE and they support many other platforms as well. They may be thrilled to work with you guys to get their boards to work on Core as well.

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Good to know!

Konnected can do mqtt as well, I have mine setup that way - https://help.konnected.io/support/solutions/articles/32000030296-konnected-with-mqtt

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wve, if I change the Konnected firmware to ESPHome, does that make it not function with HE anymore using Konnected’s drivers?

Looks like switching would then require me to setup and use hubdino, or maker api on the HE, which I would rather not do right now. I would prefer work with the core team and see if a native solution is possible. Any solution that keeps or further involves HE in the mix is counter productive to my end goals.

I do not use HE, only Node-Red. I use the mqtt functionality in NR to monitor for changes to my Konnected devices.

Moving my Konnected to mqtt is on my list of things to do, how complicated was it?

HE controls my hvac, and the Konnected board provides some important inputs, so right now I do not want to complicate things on the HE side unless its necessary. CORE should easily be able to support the current Konnected API

I am certainly willing to help get things working on the CORE side.