Zigbee Celcius or Fahrenheit

How do I setup Zigbee2MQTT to be Fahrenheit?

You cannot. Zigbee2mqtt reports all temps in C, there isn’t a way to change this behavior at this time, and when it has been brought up before to the dev the request has been ignored.

HA will automatically convert the temps based on your location, and in node red you can convert them and so much more using: node-red-contrib-unit-converter (node) - Node-RED

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Is there a way to pre process the data before it gets to influx?

There is, and it involves altering the telegraf.conf file to apply the conversion before writing to the database.

However there really isn’t any need to pre-process it since Grafana, and really any query processing software, can perform the conversion on the fly before displaying the data.


Thanks, Rob! Not knowing this node existed I created a subflow to do it in a function but only for C → F. This the 2nd time in as many days someone here has pointed out a node that I was unaware of and can make good use of. :+1: :+1: