Z2M how to configure device options? like sensitivity, motion reset time , etc

Did some googling but didn’t find anything. Do I really have to edit config.yaml just to change the sensitivity on a Tuya vibration sensor?
In Z2M under “settings(specific)” I only see motion reset time. I know there is a cluster for vibration sensitivity for this device.

Ok, I’m going to leave this here for others. Instead of being under settings(specific) where motion reset time setting is located, it’s under “exposes”. Seems weird to me

The changes made under Exposes (strange as it may) will be reflected under State (that will be the file state.json), but no you do not need make any adjustments inside any files.

I think that the logic behind having this under Exposes will be any kind of options that a specific device is publishing… or exposes if you prefer!?

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