Z2M Home Assistant Legacy support phasing out?

I went into HA this morning and noticed this notification.

Based on the devices, the main contributor for this seems to be Z2M, presumably this legacy setting.

Does anyone have any experience with this setting off? Does everything work as expected? If so is there anything special to do once unchecked in HA or will the change trickle over?

Ive been reading these threads. From whatbi understand you can do nothi g and everything will keep working. Might get duplicate device names i think?

Z2m is supossed to have an update soon which will comply with the new HA requirement.

Long story short is there is nothing for the end user to do or worry about.

As to the individuals settings i have not tried. Lol again from what i can tell we are not supossed to do anything.

Edit. You can safely dismiss the warnings without issue.


Correct, there is nothing anyone needs to do at this time. Z2m should correct the issue without any user interventions in a future update.

However it is likely when this update comes it will change how devices are named, or how those names are exposed up to other systems. If this is the case integrations which currently rely on the friendly name and not the device address will likely require manual intervention or updates of their own to function.

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