Z* Light Strip Recommendations

So I just noticed that 6 of the blue LED’s for my Yeelight light strip which are on undercabinet light duty just burned out and of course they are on a section that cannot be replaced. Anyone have any good recommendations for high value RGBW light strips? Individually addressable would be cool but definitely not a necessity, I have been thinking about replacing these as they do not recover from a power or network outage gracefully, so this is probably a good of a time as any. That being said, I could live with it if people know of a few promising products close to release or if there is a better time to buy these sorts of things.

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I made my own with ESPHome controllers. I know that @LosinIt just did a zigbee solution for his cabinets that turned out nice (IMHO). Maybe he’ll pipe in later. If you want me to elaborate on my setup let me know.

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Thanks for the offer, but I am not really in the mood as of late to be taking on that level of a DIY project, plenty of other things still on the list. That being said, do you prefer ESPHome over Z* products now? If so why?

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I think i still prefer Zigbee. But the use case was good and price was right for something reliable. For lights, Zigbee controllers can get pricey. If you have a good wifi setup, it’s very fast.

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I got the BTF-Lighting strip and I’m very happy with it. Note, however, that the only other one I have (not installed) is a Sengled strip with controller. The BTF strip is WAY better…brightness, color as it should be, density. But I’m using a Gledopto Zigbee controller with the BTF and it is crappy, IMO. Transitions are jerky and other oddities. In contrast, the Sengled controller does a great job. Too bad it’s not the same voltage (I went with 24V because I have a relatively long run) or I’d look into using the Sengled controller with the BTF strip.

@RRodman is way into the addressables so maybe he’ll chime in.

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BTF seems to have the best cost to performance (brightness, color blending, stability) led strips PERIOD.

I have over 100M of their addressable LEDs, being used in various ways. I have yet to have a single issue with them, and several have been in use 24/7 for over a year now.

Personally I am all about building your own controller to drive them, for most projects a D1 mini, power source, 3 wires and flashing over usb with the program of your choice is all it takes to have smart enable lights…

Maybe I should write a smart led project write up or two?


I’m using WLED on wemos d1 minis for my addressable strips, if I was going to do it again I’d try the apa102 strips. They supposedly have better dynamic range with a controller that supports it, I was looking into pixelblaze if I was to make that change

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Ill be honest, real world applications, unless your building a MASSIVE or 120fps display you will never notice any differences. The apa102 strips use SPI which allows for faster commands to be sent, which is why it is better for high refresh uses. In terms of appearance of the colors saturation etc… There is no visible difference to the human eye, and the “higher range” of colors is actually down to the PWM frequency, which you can also adjust in WLED etc.

If you like to make things complicated, like writing code, overspending or just want bragging rights for going your own way etc, then go with the apa102. If you want simplicity, wide range of support, arent driving a massive display from a single controller, and don’t need faster than 60fps refresh the ws2812b are the way to go. (and most of those limitations can be eliminated using as ESP32, and the proper config of your preferred firmware/platform.


You’ve definitely got more experience with the stuff than I, probably saved me some money so thanks for the info