Your contribution was unsuccessful - Indiegogo error message

Last night, and again this afternoon I tried to purchase one CORE unit, both times it took my credit card and information, and ultimately sent me this failure message. I used two different credit cards and no joy. Any suggestions?


@Cjkeenan had a similar issue. Maybe he can advise.

This happened to me, and the issue is that my card was declined because I do not allow international transactions on that card (and if you’re in the US as I am, this is — as I figured out — an international transaction). I tried again with one that does (and that does not charge a fee for such transactions, which I’d keep in mind that some may), and it worked.

Also, my first issuer then contacted me asking about fraud, likely because of both that and the fact that I tried it at least twice before I realized what the problem was. :rofl:

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So for my first transaction I tried using Discover card, which I learned is not accepted on international IGG campaigns, only VISA and Mastercard. The issue was I do not own either a VISA or Mastercard credit card. So then I tried using my Venmo debit Mastercard because I was uncomfortable with pulling straight from my bank, so it was at least one step removed. That went through, but yielded the same email you show above. Unfortunately I did not explore that further and Venmo never sent me anything as to a suspect transaction or anything like that. I then just went ahead and used my bank’s debit Mastercard and it worked without issue.

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@2ac16mo - Updated Topic so others can find this answer. It’s important.

First card I used was a Wells Fargo VISA, then a Capitol One VISA. I have other cards, but I think I will just wait until there is a actual product available for purchase in the good old USA. May cost me a couple bucks more but that’s okay too. I’m not happy that I gave my credit cards numbers and other particulars for nothing. Thanks for the comments.

Contributing using G Pay was not possible, when I used my Visa card it was successful

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