You using solar/batteries with your Core setup?


As per topic, are you using solar/batteries in your HA setup? I’m having solar/batteries installed in a few weeks time and have started looking at what’s possible from an integration perspective. I don’t use Home Assistant - but maybe I should consider?

Integrations I’ve looked at so far rely on NodeRed for the pulling of data from myenergi (for the current Zappi and forthcoming Eddie) which will give me some visibility.

I’ve a ShelleyEM unit publishing house usage to MQTT that NodeRed is then sticking into InfluxDB and I’m charting in Grafana.

The inverter is Solis brand so was thinking of using once it’s supported although it’s highly possible to use alternative integrations to do the same thing (needs more research).

For solar predictions, have started looking at that provides a free API for home/hobby use which I should be able to pull down and use within NodeRed to determine when to charge the batteries.

What’s your setup and is there anything I need to be aware of? Feel free to share your thoughts and flows around your integration to assist a solar novice! :wink:

Thank you!

If your looking to track energy generation and usage then you likely won’t be disappointed with the HA energy dash and integrations.

Sadly I do not have solar so I can’t be of much help setting things up, but they spent several months focused just on the solar energy generation and general energy monitoring stuff so it should be quite robust

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I have a Fronius solar inverter with a Fronius smart meter and connect it into HA to view energy using this Fronius HA integration it’s pretty darn good, never had any issues with it at all. No battery though but HA can support all that in the dash too.

Also, when I had the Fronius smart meter installed they setup the electric hot water system to be controlled on a relay, so it kicks in once the sun is out then turns itself off. Pretty handy too.

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Is there a “Core” guide to enabling/configuring Home Assistant then… feels like I may have to take a little venture to find out what all the fuss is about! :grinning:

I have played with it before on a Raspberry Pi but couldn’t get on with it.


You can find the steps within the CORE documentation.

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