Xbee and last seen

I’m using ZigBee2mqtt.

I have an xbee as a router. The “last seen” on the xbee is 2 months ago. Is there any way to change this so it updates regularly, maybe through binding(??).

As repeaters, they’re amazing. As devices, they’re not so nice. The only way to show this is through a custom converter and a custom ping. They’re very difficult in that way. Perhaps down the road we’ll visit it. Consider it a community challenge. Love to hear your solutions if you come up with something.

Could this be a candidate for the “availability” setting? Not sure if it works for routers but might be an option to look into - Device-Availability | Zigbee2MQTT

I have 4 Xbee3’s setup in Hubitat but as I move everything to Core obviously I would like to move the Xbee’s as well.

I have bought 2 of the Moes USB repeaters that work well and was thinking of buying a couple more but if I can move the Xbee’s over that would save the purchase.

What did you have to do to get them working in Core?

I added the Xbee to Zigbee2mqtt, and it all worked out of the gate. But the last seen doesnt work.