XBEE 3-24 as coordinator, very challenging

Hi Guys, I know the people here are more saavy than most. I struggled to get my xbee 3 as coordinator, and tried about 8 times, finally it went in, but couldn’t change the channel to 25 like i desire.
Anyone have any ideas?

I have a conbee2, but prefer the higher transmit power of the Xbee.
I am SO FREAKING SICK of weak ass transmitters, and thanks to the “Its’ your fault stupid-atat” device, I have a million freaking repeaters.

Higher power transmitters are only one ‘brute force’ half of the solution and of limited or zero use without super sensitive/narrow band receivers. They also compound the degradation for other ‘in range’ users.

A million repeaters should suffice… if they don’t then a solution isn’t available :wink: