Just about to start my Dashboard. it’ll be a page for each room with a main page to link to the others, at least thats what i think it will be.

Now i understand that its best that i do most of the work in HE before converting them. Why is that?
Assuming i get all of this sorted out and working, what happens if i change my mind? is it best to keep a copy of the original Json and start to alter in HE or can i do it with smartly/inject working?

Also one of the best features is DnD to tell the truth id sooner convert and add DnD right at the beginning. That would make changes a hell of a lot easier.

There will also be a lot of stacked tiles is it best to stack then convert and from what i understand re stack. or convert and then stack??

Thanks in advance for your help.

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What do you mean by this? I certainly don’t do it that way. Personally I like the smartly font layout better than stock HE, so I convert to smartly as soon as I create a new dash just to feel “comfortable” again.

YES!! Always backup your dashes. You should backup your dash before making ANY changes (before smartly, and after each major edit). You cannot revert without a backup.

Agreed but…

DnD does not work with stacked tiles, yet unfortunately. I know this all to well since most of my dashes are stacked and I have not been able to use DnD personal since day 1. Don’t get me wrong I have test dashes for support and testing, just no “production” dashes.

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I believe thats what April said in one of the threads, the one about configuring ipads, i think.

Doesnt work at all, or you have to drag them one at a time?

I’d have to see the thread, maybe she meant create on PC first?

@april.brandt tagged to get her thoughts on it.

I do all my edits on PC, iPad is too easy to mess up on IMO. I often have my iPad on my desk while editing so I can see how they are effected, but don’t edit on them (personal preference)

Not at all unfortunately. If you have stacked tiles, when you click the ‘paw’ it separates all stacked icons sticking them in the next available open slot. If you save the changes all stacks are lost and need to be manually rebuilt by click, click, clicking.

You can setup your dashes using DnD, make a spot for your stacks, and then do stacks after. However once you have stacks in place on the dashboard, DnD is off the table. (Kinda like car washes for my Nisan NV high top, not an option :rofl: )

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see screenshot below could mean just configuring the settings?

:scream: URGENT FEATURE REQUEST!!! :rofl:

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I’ll let her reply to that, not sure what she meant.

FYI - don’t update smartly with blank columns/rows like that, or you’ll get upgraded to advanced grid over and over which will end up being a problem (make backups). I love the AG settings but you only upgrade once. Blanks will force the upgrade every time you update. (another urgent request :wink: )

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Yah, I’m trying to keep up here. I think that smartly has changed a lot since I posted it, but I was referring to the HE dashboard and it’s size in the post and getting it configured before you send it to smartly. doesn’t offer you much help at this point.

Thats a life saver thanks, glad i found this out before really got into my dashboards.

whilst playing, id been converting/altering my dashboards and every time i pasted the Json the tile size defaulted back to 60x28 or there abouts, and id blank them out to get it to auto scale again.


apologies for the empty value bug… smartly was built to not touch anything when using the HE “autofit” but they’ve changed something since HE 2.2.3+ that we’ll need to accommodate for. stay tuned in the support thread :v:

question though @mark have you tried the smartly calibration feature? it was built so they we wouldn’t need HE’s crude autofit.

Hi, Yes ive played with it and its not working well for me. I have another issue with the fit of icons and the screen having movement play from side to side but was going to start another thread about it.
We have discussed it with TecMedX over on He but i was going to continue it here.

What device are you using? I just discovered an issue with mine as well.

ok if you have calibration on the device you should see this line (likely a whole group of them).

Example for landscape on an ipad

@media screen and (orientation: landscape) and (max-width:1025px) and (min-width:1023px){.dashboard{zoom:0.89; -moz-transform:scale(0.89);}}

Once you location the line that matches the device your working on (if unsure go to and check. My iPad is 1024x768 which is between max:1025 and min 1023 above so that is the line I needed to edit) now change the zoom down until it fits to your liking.

My zoom was 1.034 I changed it to 0.89, now the dash does not move side to side. LMK if you do change it, so we know what value is good (and still need the device we are on)

Lastly I added this code to the custom CSS section to stop the up and down movement. Know this locks all movement so if something is off screen you cannot get to it. (check moblie devices)

.dashboard .wrapper {
    overflow: hidden;

when @spelcheck gets a minute he can chime in and I’ll discuss it with him to see if adjustmnets are needed to calibration settings so none of this is needed (except the up and down, I think you’ll always need that)

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Sorry ive been away, will look at this today.

done that but still have the problem.

This i hope should lead to a vid showing you the behaviour.

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Yep I see it. Can you me a copy of that JSON. I want to “hack up” your @media sections to get to the bottom of this. I need to run out of the office for a couple hours, but I’d love to work with you on this later, if your around.

FYI - the code above will stop this. It only needs to be added to the VERY bottom of your CSS section. But I’d rather solve it “the right way”.

Not sure i want to do this as ill need to scroll vertically to get access to the whole of some of the pages

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