Why Wyze? Because their CS Rocks

I just want to mention a recent experience I had with Wyze. I got a buy 3 get 1 free deal on the outdoor cams. We’re kind’ve fond of these because we don’t have wiring for poe cameras. One camera came DOA. So, I reached out to them via email and someone responded to me within a few hours. Seems normal, right? They asked me to send a few photos and screenshots of the issue, which I did. Within hours, they had a new camera shipping to me. Told me not to bother sending the dead one back and said to go ahead and use it if I wanted to. The battery won’t hold a charge, so it’ll work as long as it’s plugged in. Maybe I’ll use it. Problem is that my hubs are maxed out. I don’t know if I’ll purchase another hub to use it. Ah well. I thought that their customer service was excellent. I’d rate them up there with a few stars right along with my newly discovered Shelly’s. Just thought I’d mention that.

How is the focal distance on the new Wyze 3 cameras? I recently got a Reolink E1 Pro for my 3D printer because it was decently priced, good specs on paper, and supported RTSP out of the box, but the print bed (less than 6 inches away) is almost constantly out of focus yet the background is perfectly viewable and in focus. Also do they have any sort of variable focus?

I can grab one of my cams for you and do some experimenting. I dont have the v3. And they’re out of stock so I imagine they’re pretty ok. I have the v2 indoor and the wireless outdoor battery ones. I think the picture is good but I’ll test with your criteria tomorrow.

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