Which Is the best TRV device for CORE?

looking at the current energy situation I am considering the purchase of TRVs.
Which is the best option, in your experience, for CORE ? Which Is your advise , IP based or zigbee?

Check the list to see if the available zigbee options are compatible with z2m. that will help to narrow down your choices. Then hopefully someone here has used a few and will let you now their preferences. If it’s compatible in z2m there are no problems. I’ve only just gotten into the wifi stuff. So i’m going to steer clear of that answer. I’ll be paying attention to the responses.

One year ago I got a sample of Moes (1 gen). It Is so poorly built (It broke few days after its arrival) that now I really need a practical experience by Who used a specific device with NR.
Moes, same as Tado and Netatmo have NR contribs (some of them even too many ,.).
Price Is one criteria but not the only for me. Good contribs, stability and reliability are even more appealimg for me.