Which file to modify in node red?

I should change a line in the file alexa-wsmqtt.js due to a problem in the library.
I found 2 files with the same name:

sftp://[email protected]/home/core-services/data/node-red/node_modules/alexa-remote2/alexa-wsmqtt.js
sftp://[email protected]/home/oh-la/data/node-red/node_modules/alexa-remote2/alexa-wsmqtt.js

which one is to be changed?

This path is empty for me while the other path exists, so I would assume it is the core-services path. Did you ever do the 2 concurrent versions of NR? Maybe that is why there are 2 paths with it installed?

Yes , I installed nr3 before It become the OLL standard version. Never removed the old version as Markus told It wouldvhave bene done by thevsystem at some release point…

Can’t hurt to try both, but if I had to guess it is /home/core-services/data/node-red/node_modules/alexa-remote2/alexa-wsmqtt.js

@markus , how can I safely remove the old nrv3 env ?

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