Where do you spend most of your time?

In automation… let’s not stray into other parts of our lives… :slight_smile:

Thought it would be interesting to get a feel for where people spend the majority of their time. For those in the BETA our little parcels of joy are being built by the elves… But there’s no reason to keep this conversation to ourselves…

If I have to put some parameters around my proposition… Let’s limit it to:

  • Administration of devices and integration apps or rules
  • Troubleshooting / supporting existing setup
  • Development of new stuff…

For me it’s more a reflection of my personal inclination to write code to solve my problems or those for others, even if they don’t know about it… Essentially I get more of a kick out of writing code than actually using it myself… See my posts on “another forum” to see what I am referring to, or PM me…


What I like to think: Thinking about new things that I can do with the sensors I have or integrating a new sensor like a TV power status as an input for example. Also bug fixing or finding new edge cases that cause issues.

Reality: Convincing why we need this to begin with and/or justifying the use case for getting new stuff.


Personally and professionally: Making stuff work together, that inherently doesn’t like working together.

I find NR is a big help for that on the automation front. Recently finding a way to extract some live logged data from a CSV file into NR, parse only the last entry (new stats) and use those to set virtual device stats for logging in Hubigraphs. All because the companies built in graphing was not to my liking, and mobile only…


For me, building automations that make my house genuinely smart. To me, reducing effort for people in the house makes our effort worthwhile.

  • Automating lights in common areas to seamlessly follow people around, providing adequate light for the conditions (time of day etc) (started with pantry and wardrobes, then corridors, outdoor areas and all bathrooms)
  • Linking items that are not generally connected (e.g. turning on a Zigbee power socket to turn on a ducted HEPA filter when the API for my ducted AC indicates that it is running)
  • Improving flexibility of lighting and fan activation for individual rooms, remote switching, scene control.
  • Maximum reliability and performance for all components → No delays

To achieve this goal, I currently use Node-RED on my home server, and Hubitat for device connection.


Reading this and the other popular bloody forums :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::triumph::weary:


At the moment, messing with home assistant and my 2 new Sonoff plus dongle.
Next step will be Homebridge since all my family members decided to switch to Apple except me :cold_sweat:


I feel your pain and stand in solidarity :saluting_face:

Hold out. You are the king of automation. This is your castle.


Definitely the king of the castle but we all know who’s really in charge. I am just a yes ma’am guy :rofl: