What I Want in a 'System'

This is more of a ‘hello!’ post than anything. I’m from ‘over there’ and the ‘other over there’ before that one. I’m using a different username here, just to avoid any potential repercussions over the next several months. No, you probably don’t know me, I’m just another lurker, but I recognize many of the names here. So… Hi!

I said ‘system’ in my title for a reason. It was the most generic term I could think of. There’s already a thread about what we want in hardware and software, and of course everybody wants every device and integration to be supported and the software to be smoother than a fresh baboon’s behind. No arguments there, I agree fully.

However, there’s one thing that’s barely been mentioned (as far as I can tell)… The most important thing I can think of in a system is good people behind it. And from all appearances we have that here, so thank you. I’m so looking forward to starting this journey with the rest of you.

And one other thing:
May I make one suggestion for a forum topic or perhaps even a whole section/topic group? I see a lot of posts in various places about this certain thing that someone has done or perhaps is struggling with, but I don’t see a lot of posts about peoples’ entire systems and automations. Perhaps it’s just my lack of an imagination, but I think that would be helpful for relative novices like me.


Welcome to the bright side!

I absolutely agree and. like you said, they are here. If you look at the combined contributions over “there” it’s not hard to see just how much Bruce lost when he banned some of his top supporters/contributors.


Welcome! [email protected]@med :grin:

I think that would be a great idea, or something of the like. I’m sure that there will be a topic started for just that when we begin shipping. I can see a lot of good to come from that when CORE ends up in homes. It’ll be a new way of thinking, so there’ll be lots and lots of ah-ha moments. I’ll definitely put that on my to do list.


Indeed. I had this post written up here a number of weeks ago, but hit ‘cancel’ instead of ‘post,’ choosing not to post when I wasn’t of the clearest mind. It stung a bit when I lost the source of a few of my drivers, but the action that put me over the top was the public laughing at a user. The sad part is that it wasn’t the first time users had been publicly disrespected, but this time it made me feel like an enabler.


I’m sorry you had to … be put in that type of situation. Bullying is not ok. We struggle with these things every day in life and we can only learn from it. I hope that you will NEVER feel that way here. I also hope that you call it like you see it if you feel like it’s happening. We, as staff can’t be in every thread 100% of the time and we rely on others to report this type of behavior within our community. There’s usually someone around to put a stop to things like that and no one is immune to a little “quiet time” if they get out of line. Not even staff. But, actions speak louder than words and I’m sure you can draw a similar conclusion just by reading the threads here.

And just a mention. You can say Smartthings, HomeAssistant, Hubitat, Amazon, and whatever platforms are out there. It’s your environment and you have lots of findings to share and learn from. We want to fill that gap. The “connector”. There are ideas out there. We can’t adopt them or improve upon them if you’re not allowed to talk about them. For what they are. Welcome to the community!


The atmosphere over there has become increasingly toxic for sure. I only go there about once/day to check for updates on topics I care about, which is about 3. While I’m there I scan through the new topics, looking for posts with a complaint. If I find one I PM them to let them know that there is a much better solution on the horizon and provide links to here and the Indiegogo page. :grin:


Thank you for those kind words, April. They mean a lot to me, and I hope the rest of the Community.

I know, and thank you, but I didn’t want this to turn into a mud-slinging campaign when we weren’t discussing technical items. If you wanted to prune or delete this thread, I wouldn’t feel the least bit slighted.


We are yet to find the necessity to do so. No mud slinging, we don’t let that happen. If your statement is honest as yours was, I see no issues. There are lines to be drawn, of course, but using the statement “the other place” or “over there” just makes me feel like you’re in fear of mentioning things. And you shouldn’t be. You don’t always hear the good things either and those are ok to mention as well.