What automation enhancements should I add to my new toy?

So a couple months ago my daily driver called it quits on me and I’ve been stuck using the gas guzzling truck to get around… I tend to prefer older vehicles not only because they are easy to work on but because parts are abundant. Not I don’t know if any of you here in the US have looked for a used car recently, but let me tell you, in my area at least prices on used cars are rather insane right now.

So after all this time checking the local papers, craigslist, ebay, for sale ads (you get the idea) I gave in a let a friend drag me up to the used car lot he neglected to mention he’s been managing for over a month now.

Needless to say I was being set up.

He stumbled on a little fixer upper hidden back on the lot that he offered to me at such a low price he knew I wouldst be able to turn it down.

So since I am doing a bunch of work to it I figured I might as well see what if any automations you guys can think of or would like to see me implement.

Oh I almost forgot…without further delay… Here’s my new project/toy car. (It’s a 98 for anyone interested)


Good for you! I don’t have any great ideas for you but I do suggest you do a better job washing it next time…you left some schmutz on the bumper.